He is accused of abuse of office/ GJKKO starts the trial for the former mayor of Durrës, Vangjush Dako

2024-04-17 11:43:34 / AKTUALITET ALFA PRESS

He is accused of abuse of office/ GJKKO starts the trial for the former mayor

The Special Court has started the trial for the former mayor of Durrës Municipality. Vangjush Dako and some other former officials.

It is learned that Dako was not present at this Wednesday's session, where he was officially charged with abuse of office in two cases.

We remind you that the Special Court made the decision to release Vangjush Dako from the cell on February 27 due to the passing of the detention terms.

This decision was appealed by the Special Prosecutor's Office, which contested the decision and demanded the return of the former socialist mayor to prison, but the black Appellate squads decided to uphold it.

But the appeal of GJKKO left in force the "house arrest" security measure for the former mayor of Durrës.

On the other hand, GJKKO ordered the Special Prosecutor's Office to complete the investigations related to the file for which Vangjush Dako and 10 other officials are accused, before deciding whether to go to trial or not, giving SPAK 25 days.

The judge of Flojera Davidhi asked SPAK to carry out the expert opinion on the procedure for the procurement of the consultancy service for the project of the Coastal Promenade and the public beach from Bërryli to Currila, for which it claims that the value increased by ten times, causing the state a damage of 18 million ALL.


According to the investigations of the Special Prosecutor's Office, it was found that in 2014 the Municipality of Durrës carried out a procurement procedure, for consulting services, the provision of a project called "Implementation design for the Coastal Promenade and the public beach from Bërryli to Currila". By Order No. 84, dated September 11, 2013, recorded with No. 4151 Prot., on the same date, the commission for setting technical specifications was established.

This group is charged with the task of preparing: the design task, the limit fund, the terms of reference as well as all the technical specifications for this procurement procedure. On the part of the members of the Commission set up by the Mayor of Durrës, the defendant Vangjush Dako, the calculations of the limit fund were carried out incorrectly, with a value almost ten times more than what should have been calculated based on the Decision of the Council of Ministers. No. 444 dated September 5, 1994 "On the fees for the study, design, management and approval of construction works".

The Mayor of Durrës, the defendant Vangjush Dako, issued the procurement order exactly with the value calculated by the Commission, while after the contract was signed, based on its content, payment was made for only 60% of the total value. Even after being informed by the High State Control, in the relevant Control Act of June 2015, regarding the mistake made by the Commission and the Contracting Authority Holder, leaving a recommendation to recover the economic damage caused up to at that stage, the Municipality of Durrës and the relevant administration continued with the payment of the second installment of 40% of the total value of the contract in December 2015, while the entire value paid in excess of 18,318,400.2 ALL was reflected in the statements financial of the Durrës Municipality, as an economic damage and obligation that the beneficiary company has to this Municipality from 2016 onwards.