"There is so much cocaine in Albania, that the price has fallen"/ Expert Karamuço makes a strong appeal to the State Police: "heads" must be hit

2023-09-18 19:47:59 / AKTUALITET ALFA PRESS

"There is so much cocaine in Albania, that the price has fallen"/

Criminalistics expert Ervin Karamuço was invited today to the show "Top Talk", as he commented on the coded police operation "Tempulli", which led to the arrest of 233 people in several regions of the country.

Karamuço has called on the State Police with critical notes that they should actually hit the "heads" who bring the narcotics to Albania, rather than arresting hundreds of smugglers.

"In January or February, the amnesty will come into force and all the arrested will come out. How is it possible that the police do not know the main lines from where they enter, not cannabis, nor the synthetic ones, but cocaine and heroin. I don't have to mention him and my colleagues by names that Interpol and Europol tell us. If we want to fight organized crime, the 'Wolf of Cërriku' is not a member of organized crime, he is a distributor. "- said Ervin Karamuço.

On the other hand, the expert has shown that the amount of hard drugs in the country is so high that the price for cocaine and heroin has fallen.

" The presence of cocaine and heroin is so high that the price has fallen. Can someone tell me what success this is?” - concluded the expert.

We mention that a few days ago over 200 people suspected of being members of 23 criminal groups that distributed drugs in residential areas and near schools were arrested during an operation that extended to several major cities of the country.  

The operation was launched on September 14, while until now most of the arrested have appeared in the courts of the cities of Durrës, Tirana, Korçë and Vlorë, where they have familiarized themselves with the security measures.


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