Liam's arrest in BBV3, the lawyer reveals the scandal: Even the police did not know about the punishment, they allowed it...

2024-03-03 21:21:36 / AKTUALITET ALFA PRESS

Liam's arrest in BBV3, the lawyer reveals the scandal: Even the police did

Today, the police executed a court decision of February 2022, which sentenced Liam Osman, the new resident of "Big Brother Vip 3" to 2 years and 6 months in prison, and Dritan Shehaj, his legal representative, reacted to this .

In a Police announcement, it is stated that he fraudulently acquired 17 tourist tickets to Germany, for which he did not make the payments.

But lawyer Shehaj said that his client Liam Osmani, otherwise known to the public as Liam Mandiaro, did not know about the sentence.

He writes that the former resident of "Big Brother VIP" is a German citizen who lives and works in Germany in one of the hospitals in Cologne, and that the Albanian authorities have never approached the German authorities to search for or notify him.

Shehaj considers his arrest inside the most famous house in Albania an injustice, as he added that neither the "Mother Teresa" airport authorities nor the Tirana Police were aware of the punishment.

Lawyer's reaction:

"Regarding the detention carried out today by the police forces for the resident of Big Brother, Liam Osmani, and the announcement that he has been convicted of fraud by the Court of Tirana, let us clarify that we are talking about an issue that Laim Osmani has never been aware of , and is completely unclear about the circumstances for which such accusations were brought against him. Only today, after being escorted by the police, Liam Osmani became aware of the charges against him and the existence of a court decision that declared him guilty of the criminal offense of Fraud against another person, for the amount of 6000 euros.

This criminal process under his charge was carried out in the absence of Liam Osmani, he was never made aware of this fact, it was never notified by the police, the prosecutor's office, and finally not even by the relevant court. Liam Osmani has had no knowledge of these accusations, nor has he ever deceived or lied to anyone, but all his business relationships are documented with regular contracts and financial documents, which squarely refute the accusation of fraud, unjustly raised. against him, and judged in complete secrecy by the court and prosecution institutions.

Liam Osmani is a German citizen, who lives and works in Cologne, Germany, in one of the hospitals of this city, and it is unimaginable that the law-enforcement bodies of the Albanian state never turn to the German authorities to request him, to notify him, to call him to give explanations, to make him aware of the accusations that have been raised against him, to hear him before drawing the relevant conclusions, and before condemning him in absentia, and hastily.

Paradoxically, even the border authorities of the Rinas airport, from where Liam Osmani entered the Albanian territory 1 week ago, are not aware of his conviction, nor are the police services of the Tirana police station, where Liam lived. these days, but strangely this becomes public only after his entry into the Big Brother house. We clarify that Liam Osmani will follow all the legal procedures to put right the injustice done to him, the court's decision will be annulled in a few days, and the case will be examined from the beginning, and we are sure that in the end Liam Osmani will be declared innocent".


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