Residents of 3 villages in protest against HPPs in Pukë: Give up the project, there will be consequences in the ecosystem

2024-02-25 12:21:48 / AKTUALITET ALFA PRESS

Residents of 3 villages in protest against HPPs in Pukë: Give up the

The permits granted for the construction of four HECEs in the area of ​​Kalivares in Pukë, have encountered the opposition of the community of the three villages that are affected by these projects. The residents of Kalivara, Mesuli and Kimze rose in protest this Sunday, where with banners "Take your hands off Heci because there will be material and human consequences" they demand the non-implementation of these investments which damage the water resources and the ecosystem of this area with tourist potential .

Residents accuse the institution of forging signatures, warning of criminal charges in the prosecutor's office for the persons responsible, while they are determined in their battle for the protection of the area's water resources.

Residents of the villages of Kalivare, Mesul and Kimzë have also prepared a petition which will be sent to the central institutions, requesting the cancellation of permits for the construction of HPPs, and the case will also be pursued legally and in court. Permits for the construction of HPPs in Kalivares in Pukë have been granted during the last months and the project will be implemented by the company Be-is SHPK, but the field work has not started yet.