Details/ Eliminations, here's how Ervis Martinaj, Shullazi, Avdyli and Ben Ndoka joined against Durim Bami

2024-05-19 10:23:06 / AKTUALITET ALFA PRESS

Details/ Eliminations, here's how Ervis Martinaj, Shullazi, Avdyli and Ben

Seven criminal groups operating in several cities of the country, such as Tirana, Durrës, Krujë, Lezhë, Rreshen and Vlorë, were hit in the last two days by SPAK. Meanwhile, 50 arrest warrants were signed for crime bosses and their soldiers.

The investigations showed that Ervis Martinaj, who disappeared without a trace since August 2022, made an alliance with the criminal group led by former socialist MP Arben Ndoka, reports News24.

They contacted other criminal groups and recruited hitmen who operate mainly in the area of ​​Fushë - Kruja and in the area of ​​Burrel.

Their goal was to execute opponents. One of them was Durim Bami.

Ndoka suspected that Bami had participated in the murder of his brother, Aleksandër Ndoka, while Martinaj suspected that he collaborated with his opponents, Indrit Dokle and Leonard Duka.

Emiljano Shullazit and Astri Avdyli, who were in the cell at the time, came to the aid of Martinaj and Ndoka for Bami's head.

Shullazi contacted one of his confidants about Bami's murder, as well as providing information about his movements and sending it to Arben Ndoka.

However, the assassination attempt on Bam failed.

Bami, on the other hand, appears in open conflict with Martinaj and Ndoka's groups. Durim Bami made an alliance with the groups of Martinaj's opponents led by Leonard Duka and Indrit Doklen and attempted to kill Martinaj, but failed until the rest of the gambling disappeared without a trace.

Bami also tried to kill Arben Ndoka. During this time, Bami, with the help of former RENEA officer Altin Morina, cultivated narcotics.