"I will commit suicide"/ They extorted 4.7 million euros from hundreds of Italians through fraud, the media whitewashes the phone calls, the 'victim': I invested 31 thousand euros...

2024-06-22 20:10:40 / AKTUALITET ALFA PRESS

"I will commit suicide"/ They extorted 4.7 million euros from hundreds

Top Channel has revealed the file on fraud through call centers, where 17 people are accused of extorting €4.7 million from 1200 Italians and investing it in cryptocurrency.

The criminal group that managed the Call Center in Tirana deceived hundreds of Italians for investing in the stock market and extorted their money.

In the file disclosed by Top Channel, several conversations conducted through call center operators and 'victims' who fell prey to fraud are disclosed. The economic damage was so great that one of them stated in the phone call that he would kill himself after losing the amount of 31 thousand euros

"On November 3, 2020, at 7:07 p.m. Stabile talks to Irina, crying and complaining about the investment of 31,000 euros and that she has no more money after risking everything she had and is thinking of suicide. Irina refers to him that he has to pay a commission for transfers equal to 4 thousand and 500 euros.

Fabio informs him that he has paid the last 4 thousand euros he had for the commissions of the two transfers. Irina points out that they don't care if it's the last money and that she has to pay another tax for the Bank of England. The call is closed by agreeing to be heard later" - it says in the file.

How did the scam work?

People (Italians) were contacted by phone, they were offered the online purchase of "Amazon" shares with the false promise of earning large and fast sums. At the moment when the informed customer accepted the investment signature, an e-mail was sent to him containing a link through which he was connected to start buying the titles.

In this context, the victim downloaded the "AnyDesk" application according to the caller's instructions, effectively allowing the fraudster to login as an outsider to his computer and obtain the bank's security codes, allowing him to enter directly into the account numbers. banking.

The same fraudsters, in order to get more money from the "buyers", made the victims believe that in order to get possession of the very large sums earned through investment, they must pay some kind of tax/commission according to the presumed rules, set by the European Central Bank since the Trading Company is located in England, that is outside the European Union.

Among other things, the investigations revealed that the criminal group was very careful in order not to be detected, it performed the "AnyDesk" connection on the personal computers of the victims, using an Italian server of the provider Aruba, which in fact guaranteed the concealment the real IP address from which the communication originated, making the server a single "node" for all communications.

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