"I will disappear in 24 hours"/ Denunciation from Ksamil: The police employee took my business

2024-05-21 23:29:31 / AKTUALITET ALFA PRESS

"I will disappear in 24 hours"/ Denunciation from Ksamil: The police

The show Fiks Fare denounced on Tuesday evening a notary in Gjirokastër, Ermal Aliko, who has drawn up two lease contracts for the same object, a two-story building in Ksamil.

The first contract was given to a citizen, in 2020, who took the building for 9 years. Meanwhile, in April 2024, he "gave" the same building to a police officer, who took the building for 5 years. However, the first contract was not cancelled. Both tenants, whistleblower Jeton Bollati and police officer Pranvera Ndreca, have active NIPTs in the National Business Center, with the same property number. Taxes are paid by the first tenant, while the police officer manages the business.

Mr. complained to the newsroom of the investigative show. Jeton Bollati, a businessman who operates in Ksamil. He denounced that the police officer, Pranvera Ndreca, took his business. Bollati rented the two-story building in 2022, with a lease agreement with Mr. Petrit Abedini. Last year, due to family problems, he left it under the administration of the police officer, Pranvera Ndreca. Meanwhile, in January 2024, the hotel's locks were changed by the owner and the police officer. In April 2024, the police officer makes a lease agreement with the owner of the building, Petrit Abedini, and begins to manage it. But always without canceling the first contract.

Jetoni says that there were pressures and threats not to go to that facility. Even the local taxes go to the NIPT opened by him, in that building. He went to the taxes of Saranda Municipality and learned that the taxes have gone in his name and he must make an agreement to pay them. The whistleblower informs the employees that another NIPT has been opened at that address, while the employee tells him that she should file a complaint.

Fixi goes near the hotel, but it was closed. A neighbor claims that the previous and current owner is Pranvera Ndreca, a police officer. He gives his phone number. Fiksi first contacts the policeman's husband and then the policewoman on the phone. They are looking for some rooms for a group of students from Durrës and we want to accommodate them. The policewoman bargains, initially leaving 20 euros per student and 10 euros per teacher. Then he tells him that the bill is 22 euros and he only pays 20 euros. It is even ready to do it without a tax invoice, but with a manual invoice. "If you need it without an invoice, we will do it again," she tells him.

The Fiks Fare reporter met him in Tirana, near police station no. 6. However, the Fiksi group goes to the meeting, asking him how he got the hotel, when Mr. Bollati lives. Ndreca replies that she made a contract with the owner Petrit Abedini and she rented it for 5 years. Fiksi asks him if he has a contract and he answers that yes, it was done by a notary Ermal Aliko in Gjirokastër. The same notary who made the first contract! In fact, with this contract, the police has also opened the NIPT.

But, when asked how it is possible that there are two NIPTs in the same environment, he says that there is no information and the registration was done by the economist. Meanwhile, the payment of taxes by the first tenant seems normal. In that meeting, near Police Station No. 6, the employee is ready to make the contract available to Fiks. But when he comes to the premises of Top Channel together with his wife, he says that "it is confidential and the notary does not allow us".

Fiksi asked her for an opinion, given that she is a police officer, how she would act if there was such a case. First of all, he says that there is no criminal offense and that he will not give any comments.

After this claim, the journalists call the notary Ermal Aliko and ask him how he made 2 lease contracts for the same object. The notary also has information about Jeton Bollat ​​and Pranvera Ndreca. He says that the first contract fell automatically, but when we ask him how it fell, with a court decision, prosecution or with some document from the notary, he only tells us that "it fell". Journalists inform them that the contract provides for settlement by agreement, without agreement in court or unilateral settlement. Who was the notary for the contract between Petri Abedini and Jeton Bollati?

He answers that Jeton has not paid the rent. But is the notary a building owner or a notary? "There is no document, court, prosecutor or notary," he says, as he hangs up the phone.

A day after Fiks's journalists spoke with the notary, the latter drew up a notarial deed, with the label "domestic notarial memorandum". With this act, the owner of the building reminds the first tenant that he has not paid the obligations and the contract is called terminated. In the meantime, the whistleblower addressed again the fact that the owner of the building, Mr. Petrit Abedini. During this call, whistleblower Jeton Bollati said that he was threatened for the whistleblower he made. He filed a complaint with the Saranda Police, as he claims to have received threats "he will disappear in 24 hours" and "you are not going to make your family and children happy". In fact, a person he doesn't know told him that "you don't have a job in that hotel, putting pressure on me".