The murder file in Durrës/ What the family that wanted to connect Krushci with Pëllumb Meta said: He didn't want to betroth Hygerta...

2024-02-25 15:51:52 / AKTUALITET ALFA PRESS

The murder file in Durrës/ What the family that wanted to connect Krushci

The three children of the Meta family who are suspected of having killed their father Pëllumb Meta on February 10 and buried him in the cattle shed, are expected to come out this Monday for security measures.

From the investigative file, new details have emerged regarding the motive of the event. The version that the murder happened because of an unwanted engagement by the girl, Hygerta Meta, has been dismissed by the family where it was thought that the 19-year-old girl would be engaged.

When questioned by the police, they affirmed that despite their desire to tie the knot with the Meta family, the girl's father Pëllumb Meta had made it clear to them that the knot could not be made as the girl would continue school and had no plans to get engaged.

In the file it is stated that " In the interest of the investigation, statements were also received from the citizens O Q., RQEQ where the citizen E. Q stated that she wanted to connect Krushqi with the victim's family but that the latter did not accept because the girl wanted to continue school and there were no plans to get engaged ".

Meanwhile, the mother of the three arrested children is under investigation at large, suspected of having committed actions that prevent the discovery of the truth. Blerina Meta continues to deny that she was aware of the event, despite the fact that in one of her most recent testimonies that the prosecution has in the file, it is said that her mother, when she came to, was shocked by what the children had done.

"When mom broke into the house she was shocked by what we had done. We both stayed at home and cleaned the place and the sofa of blood, where the brother shot the father. We moved the couch up to the second floor, while the two brothers took care of burying the body . "