SPAK file/Ervis Martinaj's plan to kill "Doçe" is revealed, but the assassination attempt failed! Former MP Arben Doka wanted the elimination of the "Leks of wood"

2024-05-19 11:31:10 / AKTUALITET ALFA PRESS

SPAK file/Ervis Martinaj's plan to kill "Doçe" is

The Special Prosecutor's Office has uncovered several attempted murders by criminal groups.

In the SPAK file, it is said that Ervis Martinaj's plan for the execution of Fatmir Hysen, known as Docja, who was accused of killing his friend Santiago Malko, has been disclosed.

He contacted Viktor Imer and the latter several hitmen, but they did not reach Doce, because he was wanted.

Another episode is the plan that the deputy, Arben Ndoka had for the murder of Aleksandër Deda, known as Leksi i Druve, as he suspected that he had a role in the murder of his brother. This episode also includes his grandson, Samueli, son-in-law Arjan Tuku and Vincent Tuku.

Regarding the criminal groups of Rreshen, SPAK says Edison Reci, nephew of Kastriot Reci, executed by sniper in the middle of Rreshen, reconciled Fatmir Troplinin, known as Miri i Pojës, and Arben Merkuri, known as Maneci, the latter executed some time later for killed Hasmin Preng Gjinin.

He was planted with explosives, an event that shocked Tirana, in September 2020, but despite the explosion, Preng Gjini was able to survive.

Part of Edison Rec's group was also Klodian Shahini, who at that time was the Head of the Anti-Drug Section in the Lezha police. He informed Reci about every movement of his opponent, Preng Gjini.