Durrës Police Director: Hysen Meta planned the murder of his father with Hygerta

2024-02-26 23:08:25 / AKTUALITET ALFA PRESS

Durrës Police Director: Hysen Meta planned the murder of his father with
Hysen Meta reported the disappearance of his father Pëllumb Meta in the late hours of February 13. He declared in front of the Blues in Durrës that "father had disappeared".

The Director of Police in this city, Skender Hita, said tonight in "Opinion" on TV Klan that the 24-year-old had returned from Italy a few days ago and that he had made the plan for the execution of his father together with his 19-year-old sister, Hygerta.

According to Hita, the family members of the deceased also presented some medical prescriptions to the police station, claiming that he had mental health problems. But that later turned out to be untrue. Also, the fact that the 50-year-old had never lost contact with his family before, was dedicated to work, made the Police suspect that they were dealing with a serious crime.

Skender Hita: Hysen Meta, the eldest son of the victim, has already come and presented himself to denounce this case.

- That he lived as an immigrant in Italy?

" He went and came from time to time, he had also been to England. So, he lived a life between emigration and Albania. He had returned a few days before the event. In their family, together with their sister, they planned the murder of their father", said Hita.

- How long ago, are there any data?

" From the moment he arrived in Albania, brother and sister discussions have begun to carry out this monstrous crime. In these conditions, after the report was made, on the 13th, in the late hours of dinner, he comes and says "father has disappeared". The normal case procedure was done. After that, family members and colleagues were interviewed, the next day and on the 17th, the abandoned vehicle was found in the area near the Youth Sector. The fact that the vehicle was found will definitely be seen on the road, and another car was discovered that was following it.

These were the clues that let us understand that we are not dealing with a disappearance, but it was necessary to investigate and take money to learn the truth. We made an analytical profile of the victim, extracted data, he had never lost his contacts, his life was connected to work and family, he was close to them, in these circumstances he could not leave and leave the car in a place unusual. His family told us that he also received medication for the mentally ill, where they presented us with some health documents and prescriptions that they had made for him years ago, but it didn't turn out to be true," said Hita.

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