"Dumani does not seem worried by political pressures"/ EU Ambassador: SPAK, achievements against corruption

2024-04-13 12:34:58 / AKTUALITET ALFA PRESS

"Dumani does not seem worried by political pressures"/ EU Ambassador:
The EU ambassador in Tirana, Silvio Gonzato commented from Shkodra on the political attacks on SPAK and special prosecutors.

After a meeting he had with students of Luigj Gurakuqi University on the Reform in Justice and the role of civil society, he spoke about the activity of the Special Prosecutor's Office (SPAK), Gonzato said that the special structure has shown that it is resistant to accusations coming from politics.

"Look, the 2016 reform specifically aimed to guarantee that the justice system is independent, self-governing and therefore resistant and resilient to political pressures. So I discussed these things with Mr. Duman and he is confident, he is doing his job and I think he should stay calm and carry on. Is there political pressure? It's not for me to say, but he didn't seem to be worried about it," Gonzato declared.

He further added that SPAK is bringing results in the fight against corruption.

" I think it is very important that the special institution that was created precisely to deal with cases of high-level corruption and organized crime is now bringing some results. I think it gives credibility to Albania's determination to fight corruption, because corruption is harmful to society, it is harmful to the economy, so if Albania wants to join the European Union, it is clear the path to follow", continued the ambassador of EU in Tirana.