Fier/ For two months, a part of Kempi has been reserved for the blind

2024-05-21 22:40:14 / AKTUALITET ALFA PRESS

Fier/ For two months, a part of Kempi has been reserved for the blind
Qerem Merdani, resident of Buzmadh village, Cakran administrative unit, Fier. Qerem's wife is blind, and for that she takes Kemp.

As every time, Qeremi appeared in the month of March, at the office of the Albanian Post, to withdraw Kempi and saw that he had 2400 new lek less. This problem had also affected many other residents of the village who have the status of blindness.

Complainant: I am Qerem Medani, I am from the village of Buzmadh. Take a Kemp of the woman, Kemp blindness group two. I go in March to get Kempin, 24 thousand Lek was deducted from me. The amount of Kemp that I received was 164 thousand Lek.

Qeremi went to the social service in the unit, where they told him that he should hand over the electricity contract. He submitted it, but in April the payment did not go through again.

In the office of the Albanian Post, the employee says that this problem has affected over 30 people with the status of blindness, but this has come as a result of the actions of the social service in the Cakran administrative unit.

Complainant: I asked there at the post office, "go and ask the municipality" they told me. I went to the municipality to ask, "I need a contract for the lights" they told me. All the blind people went, went to Fier, took them out and brought them here. We expected to receive the money on April 27th, and even on April 27th, these 24,000 ALL were not given to us. Now I'm doing it myself for 24 thousand lek here, I'm so ashamed. Where did they go, I want to know. Who took them? Not only me but all the blind people in the area. There may be 30 blind people in the Cakran area. There are 30 people, maybe even more, but I have 30 people here in the neighborhood. I want to know what this money is for.

Regarding the problem of the whistleblower, "Stop" has addressed the offices of the Albanian Post in the Cakran Administrative Unit.

Information: It is about several people, not only from Buzmadhi, but it is problematic for the whole unit, they receive a disability payment for blindness and it has been withheld since March if I am not mistaken. It is not one person, but there are several people, 240.92 Lek have been withheld from them, but it is not done here, here what the border workers bring us, we have according to the rule that in the mandate-payment, the gentleman had 149.2 Lek in the month of March, we have made the payment according to the rule that we proceed. When we receive the bills, we are very happy, in March there was 164.92 ALL.

Journalist: How many people has this amount been withheld?

Information: I don't know, there are many people, they may be 30-40 or 50. They sign a contract with OSHEE, I don't know how they usually do it, but from what I heard. The problem is not with us, it is with the Cakran administrative unit, where all these documents are.

In the offices of the Cakran unit, they do not explain why the full payments did not go through in April, but they repeat that they will go through this month.

Employee of the administrative unit Cakran: The reason is because they did not bring the energy contracts.

Journalist: When they brought them, why weren't they compensated for what they hadn't received?

Employee: Yes, they will take them!

Journalist: When?

Employee: At some point when the payments are dropped next month!

Journalist: They threw April Fool's Day and didn't get it.

Employee: When are the payments next month!

Journalist: Well, in April they jumped and didn't get them.

Employee: Leave me the list of the people and I will look at them!

Journalist: Yes, you have a list of people who have not received it, and there are more than 30 people, because you passed it on to some of them in April.

Employee: We'll look at them, verify them and throw them away!

Journalist: Yes, you should have seen them because from March to April you should have passed them. We are in May.

Employee: Yes!

Journalist: What?

Employee: Yes, we will throw them away!

Journalist: Why did you throw, I'm asking you, you didn't have funds?

Employee: No, we didn't have funds, the people just didn't show up, bring the new contracts and...

Journalist: People have been bringing them since March. They were introduced in April…

Employee: Yes, they will be compensated.

Journalist: I am asking you why the compensation was not made.

Employee: I'm telling you, what will happen to them./ tvklan