The journalist reveals details about the crime in Durrës: the mother did not let the cousins ​​meet, she raised them with hatred

2024-02-26 22:35:29 / AKTUALITET ALFA PRESS

The journalist reveals details about the crime in Durrës: the mother did
Other details emerge from the serious event that shocked public opinion, where three children are suspected of being the perpetrators of the murder of their father in Shënavlash in Durrës.

In the Top Story studio, journalist Dorjana Bezat said that from interviews with the victim's relatives, they said that Blerina had isolated her and the children from the entire tribe. The pigeon did not speak to her brother because of her, while she did not allow the children to communicate with their cousins.

" This family is very secretive inside and very angry. The pigeon did not speak to his brother who was next door. They did not communicate in Blerina's presence, because she did not allow it. Both brothers had 4 children each. Blerina herself intervened so that Hygerta would not sit in a bank or class with her cousin. They told me that when she became a bride in 1997, there was a grudge carried by her family. He had dreams for life, but the family had married him to the dove-goer. He didn't want to have any contact even with Pllumbi's relatives. Year after year he had worked, said the sister-in-law, to destroy every kind of relationship. Not only did she not talk, but neither did the children. Only Amarildo spoke to her uncles and aunts. The eldest daughter of the family was separated from the father's tribe. Meanwhile, we are talking about a woman who for 27 years has fed her children with the hatred of their father, says the aunt. A completely different panorama is offered for the victim, He was the only one working in the family, Pëllumbi had built the income. He worked other jobs during the day, guard at night. He took care to educate all 4 children. The eldest daughter and Hygerta are educated, with courses. They have never worked, this week he tried to buy her a car. When he turned 18, he did it with a license. The woman Blerina was a person who avoided contact with others. She would share this concern with someone, she refused contact with all people. My sister-in-law says that I gave her a mobile phone as a gift, but she said she doesn't use it. The victim's cell phone was seized. On the 13th, the older son made the complaint, the police saw the car move from Hyseni to the Youth sector. The second suspicion was that they had not called the father," said journalist Dorjana Bezat.


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