Italian-Albanian criminal organization is hit/ 40 people in handcuffs, the names of the arrested Albanians are published

2023-11-21 14:41:41 / AKTUALITET ALFA PRESS

Italian-Albanian criminal organization is hit/ 40 people in handcuffs, the names
Carabinieri in Italy have arrested 40 people as part of an anti-drug operation called "Family and Friends", in which an Italian-Albanian criminal organization operating in Sardinia with branches in Liguria, Tuscany, Emilia Romagna, Marche and Abruzzo.

22 people were left in prison, while 18 are under house arrest, while the Italian media have published their names.

The arrested Albanians are: Elton Barja, 44 years old; Klodjan Doda, 43 years old; Gentian Hoxha, 35 years old; Sokol Keçi, 52 years old; Genci Kormaku, 54 years old. Meanwhile, Frederik Velaj, 46 years old, was left under house arrest.

At the head of the criminal group was a man from Quartu Sant'Elena who managed relations with Spain for the import of hashish and with Albania for cocaine, the Italian media write. During the investigations, which lasted several months, large quantities of hashish, marijuana and cocaine were seized.

The criminal organization brought to Sardinia a ton of drugs a year, almost a hundred kilograms a month, where it earns about 15 million euros a year. The investigations started in 2019 with the first seizure of 90 kilograms of hashish. After this operation, the investigators reconstructed the entire drug trafficking network.

Cocaine was brought to Italy from Albania and Sardinia hidden in cars and heavy vehicles. For the hashish, the criminal organization - which had chosen Spain to supply - used common carriers who sent packages to fake recipients: they gave fake addresses and called them on the phone for delivery, so they could pick up in person packages of drugs.

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