Enmity between the Qukaj and Prroj tribes, did the conflict start over a wall? How Lazër Qukaj was arrested and his role

2024-06-21 23:19:52 / AKTUALITET ALFA PRESS

Enmity between the Qukaj and Prroj tribes, did the conflict start over a wall?
The show "Në Shënjestre" on News24 revealed details about the bloody conflict between the two tribes, Qukaj and Prroj, who not only had a business relationship, but also a strong friendship, so much so that they baptized each other's children.

As the two events that led to the bloodshed of the Prroj and Qukaj tribes, it seems to be related to an old wall that separated the two families in the village of Kir, or to an irrigation line, which turned into a seep to raise the rifle against each other, it seems that in fact the clash between them may have a completely different background.

The killers that day, who came from the Prroj tribe, did not intend to kill 17-year-old Marija, but her uncle Lazër Qukaj, who at that time was trapped in the apartment.

According to eyewitnesses, on June 14, when the double murder took place, there were 7 other members of the Qukaj family in the field besides the grandfather and granddaughter, but apparently the killers confused the target and killed Marije by mistake.

Even for her bad luck, that day in the field, she was wearing a pair of shorts and a hat on her head, which led the killers, who came out of a bush, to think that they were dealing with Lazri, but that in fact it turned out that this thought turned out to be wrong. This is because instead of her cousin, she herself and her 70-year-old grandfather were killed.

Witnesses say that the execution of Marija was more of a mistake, since the bloodthirsty mistook her for the son of the Qukaj family. They say that on the day of the incident, Marije Qukaj was wearing a pair of shorts and had a hat on her head.

Pants believed to be similar to those of her uncle, Lazar, who was trapped in the house.

The reason why Lazër Qukaj was trapped in the apartment was related to the murder of Ndoj Prroj, in which his relative Gjoka had participated, but after the double murder that happened before his eyes, that of his niece Marija and uncle Kola, Lazar Qukaj decided to break the tie and take revenge.

This time ambushing Nik Prroj. The father of the two Prroj brothers, suspected as the murderer of his family members, whom he left slightly wounded in the shoulder in cooperation with his cousin without being able to kill him.

Lazër Qukaj, at that time 27 years old, who was arrested in 2016, after being found guilty of a murder committed for blood feud, that of Nik Prroj.

The Prosecution of Serious Crimes in Tirana had the order for the execution of the decision of the Court of Appeal for Serious Crimes, which had sentenced Lazër Qukajn to 21 years of imprisonment.

The event dates back to April 9, 2014, when Lazër Qukaj was arrested together with 29-year-old Gjergj Qukaj, this because according to the blue uniforms, these citizens on this date in the place called 'Ura Kasnecit', in cooperation with each other have tried to kill citizen Nik Prroj, 60 years old, for blood feud, who was slightly wounded in the left shoulder from this attack./ BW




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