Crime in Durrës/ "Revoltes" Laert Vasili: We are all guilty, we killed the family

2024-02-26 22:44:05 / AKTUALITET ALFA PRESS

Crime in Durrës/ "Revoltes" Laert Vasili: We are all guilty, we
The murder and then burial of the head of the family in Durrës has shocked the society. What has added even more to the dose of pain is the cold-blooded attitude of the children, who in front of the court accept the authorship without a tremor in their voice.

The polemicist Laert Vasili, invited to "360 Degrees", said that the wrong models of the Albanian society have killed the family. He points out that everyone is responsible for violating the most sacred value, the family.

" You don't ask the girl where you found the Jaguar?" Where did you find the pool and it is not a problem to get the girl out of the house to the next strong man by offering her the villa. We are all guilty. We killed Albanian society. Albanian society killed the family ," he said.

During the discussion, Vasili added that violence has become a "social norm" and it is promoted everywhere on social networks.

" Look at what social media is doing, this promotion of violence, this promotion of stinking immorality. The Albanian family was killed" , he added.

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