"It was like I was their food", the shocking description of the Albanian who was attacked by a pack of dogs

2024-06-18 21:02:54 / AKTUALITET ALFA PRESS

"It was like I was their food", the shocking description of the
The Albanian woman who lives in Filiro in Thessaloniki has seen the horror with her own eyes. She has been bitten all over her body after being attacked by ten dogs at once.

The horror was witnessed by a 44-year-old Albanian citizen who was violently attacked by ten pit bulls in Filiro, Thessaloniki. "The attack by the dogs was like I was their food," the woman told police.

Last Wednesday night (12/6), the 44-year-old Albanian woman was suddenly found surrounded by a pack of ten large dogs while she was in the outdoor parking lot of a store in the Filyros area, located in front of the Liceu of the area. they attacked him, biting him all over his body.

According to the information, the unfortunate woman managed to escape with dozens of wounds on her body from the strong bites she received, but luckily she escaped.

The 44-year-old woman was transported by EKAV ambulance to the "Ippokrateio" hospital, where she was given first aid while her hospitalization was evaluated, but her life was out of danger.

The responsible deputy mayor of Pylaia – Hortiatis municipality was arrested and released. In this case, charges have been brought against the responsible deputy mayor of Pylaia-Hortiatis municipality.

He is responsible for the management of stray animals and has been made available to the authorities. As soon as he became aware of the incident, he contacted the police station of his area.

By order of the prosecutor, his release was ordered until the completion of preliminary investigations.

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