Karamuço: 6-7 police officers, whom SHISH made "soot", had security certificates

2024-05-21 23:19:05 / AKTUALITET ALFA PRESS

Karamuço: 6-7 police officers, whom SHISH made "soot", had
Criminalistics expert Ervin Karamuço has stated in Alban Dudushi's "3D" show on RTSH1 that police officers who fell in the last operation in the SPAK network, the State Information Service had previously found problems with their image while they were equipped with security certificate.

" What happened 4 days ago is the 2nd metamorphosis. Here we have 6-7 middle leaders, one senior, district leaders and other employees of the State Police. But for some of them there is a phenomenon, they were provided with a security certificate because they could not exercise that function at those levels without a security certificate" , said Karamuço.

Karamuço raised the question of how it is possible that SHISH had sensitive information about these police officers, but on the other hand they came out clean, until it was confirmed with the interceptions on SKY.  

" The security certificate comes from information that is collected by law enforcement and intelligence agencies, including the State Intelligence Service, then it passes through all the filters of the Internal Control Service and finally it is approved and the police officer is given the right to work at these levels.

How is it possible that the information coming from the State Intelligence Service makes the police sooty, is seen by people who have access to secret documents and then everything turns upside down and they come out clean and get a security certificate. After 2-3 years, connections, gangs, the same things that the Service said at that time come out. How is it possible?! ", stressed Karamuço.