"I will not leave this case like this"/ The mother of the 3-year-old abused in the daycare "clashes" with the official...

2023-09-19 13:54:18 / AKTUALITET ALFA PRESS

"I will not leave this case like this"/ The mother of the 3-year-old

The serious case that happened at the "Gezimi Ynë" nursery school in Fushë Kosovë, where the kindergarten teachers raped a child, has shocked public opinion.

What makes the incident even more terrible is that after the public denunciation and then to the relevant law enforcement bodies, many other people have raised their voices and confessed that their child was also abused during the time he was in that nursery; insisting that this is a repeated case.

For " Albania Live ", the Director of the Education Office of Fushë Kosova, Fatlum Berisha, stated that the institution he leads has not had any complaints from parents or the education staff working inside it.

" In the Directorate of the Education Office of Fushë-Kosovo, I have been elected for two months now, but from the contacts I have had with former leaders, we have not had any complaints from parents or educators about the nurseries until the case became public today"- said Fatlum Berisha.

In response to these comments, the mother of the abused child, Fitore Geci, stated that what the director of the Education Office of Fushë-Kosovo said is not completely true. According to Geci, there are millions of complaints about the situation in public nurseries, but no measures have been taken.

" There are complaints, but I brought the child to the state school because of the very low salaries in Kosovo. There are also complaints from other parents, millions of complaints, but they have not been examined. I'm sorry they weren't reviewed because the kids' bedrooms need cameras. Cleanliness in the nursery is zero "- said Geci.

" I have to go to justice until the end. I don't have to give up. I have my lawyer, so I won't leave it as a matter like that" - concluded Geci, this message which Berisha followed by saying: "Yes Fitore, don't give up. I assured you that I have to be your supporter until the end. Don't leave it at that." / Top Channel