SPAK operation/ Leonard Duka, the sworn enemy of Ervis Martinaj, is arrested in Belgium

2024-05-18 12:21:39 / AKTUALITET ALFA PRESS

SPAK operation/ Leonard Duka, the sworn enemy of Ervis Martinaj, is arrested in
Leonard Duka, Ervis Martinaj's rival, has reportedly been arrested in Belgium.

It should be noted that his arrest was made possible after the exchange of information between the Albanian and Belgian police. For Duka, SPAK has requested security measures.

Leonard Duka is known to have requested asylum in Belgium, but it is expected that his request will be rejected and he will be extradited to our country for the sake of Albanian justice.

By order of SPAK, RENEA and FNSH forces carried out yesterday one of the biggest actions in several cities and their surrounding areas. Controls were extended to several cities and areas such as Tirana, Vlorë, Lezhë, Fushë-Krujë, Nikël, Kurbin, etc. This operation is connected to a series of assassinations and well-known characters of the criminal world.

Who is Leonard Duka, Ervis Martinaj's sworn enemy

Leonard Duka is known as the head of the 'Duka clan', a criminal group that has had constant conflict with Ervis Martinjat's group. Duka was arrested in 2019 as part of an operation to combat drug trafficking. He has also been looking for an assassination attempt, but was unsuccessful.

Duke's enmity with Ervis Martinaj has attracted the most attention. Ervis Martinaj, who has been one of the biggest gambling bosses in Albania, circulating tens of millions of euros as well as a major investor in the construction sector, had become the most expensive 'prey' of his rivals, "Klani Duka" has often been mentioned for this 'prey'.

Since 2019, several assassination attempts have been planned and attempted against him, but in all cases he has been able to escape thanks to personal intuition, but more as a man who has first-hand information from within the police and the criminal organizations themselves that seek its elimination.

Duka, one of the most wanted people by the Albanian Police, was arrested on February 14, 2023 in Belgium. Considered the fiercest enemy of Ervis Martinaj, missing since August 9, 2022, Duka was wanted internationally for murder. Everyone knew in Dubai, a place where many other wanted have found refuge. But Leonard Duka was handcuffed in a province of Brussels, from where he is expected to be extradited.

The operation to arrest him took place after information from the "Fast Albanai" police team, which had discovered that the Duke was hiding in a private residence. In cooperation with Interpol and Belgian counterparts, his arrest was achieved. Leonard Duka is currently being tried for the murder of ex-policeman Santiago Malko, one of Ervis Martinaj's most trusted men.

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