After the positive evaluation, the KPK confirms in office the legal assistant Klement Kajana

2024-05-17 23:57:54 / AKTUALITET ALFA PRESS

After the positive evaluation, the KPK confirms in office the legal assistant
The legal assistant at the Tirana Administrative Court of Appeal, Klement Kajana, faced the Independent Qualification Commission, KPK, on ​​Friday, May 17, when shortly after a short session during which no problems were identified in any of the revaluation criteria, he was confirmed in office.

The vetting process for Kajana was carried out by the KPK body headed by Roland Ilia, with rapporteur Xhensila Pinen and member Genta Tafa Bungo. Gerrit Sprenger was present as an international observer.

According to the rapporteur Pine, in the investigation of the legal assistant, Klement Kajana, the conclusions and reasonings of the KPK and the Special Appeals Panel were also considered in the vetting of his wife, prosecutor Manjola Kajana, who exercises her function in the Special Prosecutor's Office. 

In the session, it was reported that no problems were found for an apartment purchased in 2013 against the price of 41 thousand and 300 euros, with the source of savings and a loan. Also, it was said that no problems have been identified for an apartment privatized by the subject's father, property sold later. From the investigation, two vehicles and an investment in the purchase of securities have resulted without problems, as well as the general financial analysis has come out with a positive balance.

Klement Kajana received positive evaluation for his figure and professionalism. Half an hour after the end of the hearing, the KPK announced the decision to confirm him in office.