The clash between the Qukaj and Prroj tribes, an extramarital relationship that destroyed friendship and caused 3 victims

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The clash between the Qukaj and Prroj tribes, an extramarital relationship that
The program "In the Saint" on News24, by journalist Klodiana Lala, reveals details about the bloody conflict between the two tribes, Qukaj and Prroj, who not only had a business relationship, but also a strong friendship, so much so that they baptized each other's children.

Investigation File

Members of the Qukaj family have a constant tendency to take revenge on the Prroj family for the murder of citizens Marije and Kolë Qukaj, which occurred on June 14, 2012.

Gjergj and Martin Qukaj are two of the suspected persons of this family, as interested in taking revenge on the Prroj family.

In this sequence of events, earlier, on August 11, 2011, it turns out that citizen Tonin Rripa was injured with a knife in the yard of his house in the village of Xhan.

Where the author banned for this event is the citizen Lekë Qukaj, who at that time was found with 1 machine gun and cannabis sativa narcotics, as well as Martin's son and his son-in-law Nik Lami.

But after these citizens were detained by order of the Prosecutor's Office, they were released by the police.

This was not the only episode where these two tribes take over the village scene and become the protagonists of criminal events, as another member of the Prroj tribe remains injured in another incident.

This time too, suspicions fall on the members of the Qukaj family, who seem to have not stopped in their attack on the Prroj tribe.

In this case, things seem to have gotten even worse and at the center of the conflict, it seems to be an extramarital relationship.

Investigation File

In another incident, Valentin Mali, cousin of citizen Ndoj Prroj, was reportedly wounded in the leg with a gunshot.

According to all suspicions, the author of this event is one of Martin Qukaj's sons and the motive in this case is suspected to be an extramarital affair.

To return once again to the murder of Marije and Kolë Qukaj, members of the victims' family have stated that the suspected perpetrators of the murder of their relatives are citizens Vladimir Ndoj Prroj and Arjan Nikë Prroj. They committed this murder in revenge for the execution of their man Ndoj Prroj.

Although the Shkodra police searched for the perpetrators and the car in which they drove on the day of the crime, the search was unsuccessful.

Investigation File

The Shkodër police structures checked the area of ​​Dukagjini, Pult, Shosh, Shalë, where the suspected perpetrators are thought to have moved with their vehicle and they were not found. The subway used by Arjan Prroj, which is the vehicle that the perpetrators of the murder are suspected of traveling in, has not been found. Citizens Vladimir, Aleksander and Arjan Prroj are also wanted.

When questioned by the police, family members of the Prroj tribe indicated that they had very close relations with the Qukaj tribe, and had even participated in the baptisms of their children.

Dede Prroj told the investigative group that he had been the godfather of Kola Qukaj's children.

Until the day that the latter turned their weapons on his family and left Ndoj Prroj's son dead, on July 7, 2010.

Investigation File

During the questioning, Dede Voc Prroj said, among other things, that with the citizen Kolë Qukaj, who was killed together with his granddaughter Marijen on June 14, 2012, he was the godfather until the day his two sons, Lazri and Gjergji , as well as Lekë Martin Qukaj committed the murder of his son Ndoj Prrojt on July 7, 2010.

Dede Prroj, confessed that after the murder of his son in the courtyard of the apartment, he pledged allegiance to the Qukaj family for three days and after the end of this term, there was no more allegiance between them, only rifles.

Investigation File

Dede Prroj says that after the murder of his son Ndoj Prrok, he gave his allegiance to the Qukaj family for three days. But after the passing of this term, they no longer had faith. Members of his family say that Nik Prroj lives together with his wife and three sons in Italy. And that a person from Shllak lives in Nika's apartment together with his wife and children.

Dede Prroj further said that his brother Nik Prroj is not in Albania. And that he left for Italy with his son.

Perhaps an alibi to remove suspicion that they were the perpetrators of the double murder that happened in the village of Kir.

Dede Prroj

Nik Prroj fled to Italy together with his son. While Marije Prroj, who is the ex-wife of Ndoj Prroj's son, lives in Italy with her two sons, Agron and Vladimir.


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