Clues to the disappearance of 10-year-old Çela/Interceptions from the SHISH offices of the trafficker and his niece, the threads that connect them and Fushë Kruja

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Clues to the disappearance of 10-year-old Çela/Interceptions from the
The show "In the Saint" has returned to the story of the disappearance without a trace of 10-year-old Julian Çela more than a decade ago. The child was in an internet center when he was called by someone and since then nothing is known about his fate.

Excerpts from the documentary:

On December 14, 2012, just two weeks after the disappearance without a trace of Julian Çela, and the failure of his family members and the police to find him, the prosecutor's office of Tirana opened a criminal proceeding. The procedure was opened based on the report submitted by the Tirana Police on December 4, 2012. The suspicions were that the 10-year-old had been deprived of his freedom by some people in collaboration. "From the incriminating material referred by the police, it appears that citizen Julian Çela, aged 10, left the apartment on November 30, 2012, and has not returned there. There are doubts that this citizen was deprived of his freedom illegally by some people in cooperation", it is stated in the file of the Prosecutor's Office.

Although this criminal proceeding was registered without an author, the Prosecutor's Office of Tirana had its suspects linked to possible persons who could have participated in the kidnapping or disappearance of Julian Çela. And for this reason, it was decided by order of the Court, to place various persons suspected of being the main participants in this criminal enterprise under surveillance, where the help of mobile companies was also requested, in order to capture compromising conversations that could lead to the perpetrators . The interceptions were carried out at different time intervals and extended to different people. 9 phone numbers were intercepted. "After several attempts have been made by the prosecuting body in order to find the citizen Julian Çela, and it has not been possible to find him. And after a series of investigative actions have been carried out, such as questioning of persons who indicate the circumstances of the investigation, seizures, surveillance, etc., the Court of the Judicial District of Tirana has decided by decision to intercept several telephone numbers, as there are doubts that the perpetrator of the criminal offense may call these citizen", the file states.

It is not known why and if sufficient data were obtained from these interceptions that could lead to the suspected persons related to the disappearance of Julian Çela, but the fact is that the Prosecutor's Office of Tirana asked the Court to postpone the interception of these numbers several times. Even the interception, due to the importance of the event and the involvement in it of a major employee of the Information Service, was carried out through sophisticated interception devices that were installed in the building of the Secret Service. In the interception, a suspect was placed for human trafficking from Albania to Great Britain, where the clandestines would leave in vans from Tirana to France and from there end up in Great Britain. According to the investigation file, Selim B. was eavesdropped for a long time by the prosecutor's office, even though before the investigators at the time he was questioned, he insisted that he had nothing to do with the crime.

As it appears from the investigative documents, among other things, he also talked about the case, where during the conversations he said that the family should look for the child in Fushë-Kruja. And that this person often changed phone numbers every two or three days. But what did this person have to do with Julian's disappearance and why did he mention him in conversations. And why Fushë-Kruja as a possible area where the 10-year-old could have been hiding. Are the criminal groups in this area connected, or further to their kidnapping and subsequent disappearance? All these questions were not answered, and Selim B. was not arrested as a person who had knowledge of the circumstances of this serious event.

While the track of abduction for the purposes of trafficking remained for a long time, as one of the most likely, where the investigative group focused its investigation on the fate of Julian Çela. But to stop at Fushë-Kruja, the interesting fact is that another person who was kept under observation was also related to the close circle of the Çela family. This person who was intercepted was the granddaughter of Skënder Çela, Julian Çela's father. On which strong doubts were raised. On the same day that Julian Çela, who in this case was her first cousin, was allegedly kidnapped, on the morning of November 30, 2012, she was seen traveling from Albania to Switzerland.

But what raised strong suspicions of the investigative group is that the cell phones showed that she had initially stopped in the area of ​​Fushë-Kruja, where Selim B. was intercepted saying that the family members should look for Julian. Suspicions also fell on the girl's fiance, who denied having anything to do with Julian's disappearance.

The traffic track for the purposes of exploitation and because of the task that Skënder Çela covered, remained so in the future. Although their connection with possible persons involved was never proven, this event is still shrouded in mystery today. Why was Julian Çela, the son of a high official of SHISH, chosen to be kidnapped? It was a coincidence, which very little can be believed, or a well-thought-out plan that had nothing to do with his work. A hypothesis that the investigative team has never considered. After all, the people who carried out the abduction should have known that the boy who took away his freedom belonged to a senior officer of the Intelligence Service.

Meanwhile, even though almost 11 years have passed since this event, the family has decided not to deregister their son from the civil status, even though the hopes of knowing something about his fate, or of having him alive with them again, seem lukewarm, or almost extinguished. But while the investigative team was strongly invested in the above two tracks, without overlooking any of them, even seeing them as attached, subsequent developments brought new dynamics in terms of the investigation. And thus a new hope, to learn about Julian's fate and what happened to him.

Although what the family heard about his end was terrible, where a similar criminal event, just a few months after Julian's disappearance, which centered on the kidnapping and rape of a minor, by a character with a record of pedophilia, brought once again in his testimony, the name of Julian Çela. As the person who had kidnapped and then massacred the body of the 10-year-old, an event that once again shocked public opinion, but the end was what Julian's family members did not expect. They were convinced that they would rather accept a sad end than endless suffering. But this story only troubled them spiritually. As the ending made the fate of their family even more mysterious. Wearing a tis, which only clouded this story even more.