Prençi: The children didn't kill Pëllumb Meta, here is the murderer

2024-02-26 22:24:26 / AKTUALITET ALFA PRESS

Prençi: The children didn't kill Pëllumb Meta, here is the
Shemsi Prençi, former director of the police, said in "Now with Erla Mëhillin" that the testimonies of Hygerta Meta and her older brother Hysen Meta are unbelievable. According to him, both of them want to take responsibility for the murder, but according to him, none of them fired the gun.

According to Prenç, the author is someone else. He said that the only person who would have committed the crime without flinching, because of the alleged suffering he may have gone through, would be the mother.

" There is a very serious problem, based on the testimonies, but also from the data so far, it appears that despite the contradictions in the testimonies of the children and the wife, they also contradict the act of murder.

A murder in the heat of the moment, happens with a bullet and there would be intervention. I doubt that none of those who will take responsibility for the criminal offense are the perpetrators. The first one they both took on, but they didn't both do it.

Hyseni and Hygerta have taken it upon themselves to manipulate the situation in front of the black squads, because they thought that the mother will not be able to play with words. There were no marks on the children's bodies, the mother may have, the person whose life was blackened by that Pigeon would have been only the mother, because the children do not say that they were raped.

According to me, this person only had the confrontation with his wife. For me, the murder was done by the wife, only she could shoot without trembling against a person who we assume blackened her life, even to protect the girl in an unwanted engagement", said Prençi.


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