Matura exams/ Mehmeti: High number of failures, poor teaching quality

2024-06-16 21:12:54 / AKTUALITET ALFA PRESS

Matura exams/ Mehmeti: High number of failures, poor teaching quality
The results of the foreign language exam of the State Matura show a significant increase in the remaining students. 952 could not pass the exam, 568 more than last year. Also compared to 2023, the average was 7.68, while this year it decreased to 7.25.

The results have also highlighted the decrease in the number of excellent students, since this year only 119 high school graduates were excellent in foreign language, while last year there were 1043 high school graduates with the highest grade in this exam.

The education expert, Ndriçim Mehmeti, says that the latest results show the way the learning process was managed during the pandemic. According to him, such results are alarming for a country that aims to increase tourism and involvement in European projects.

" There is a poor quality of teaching, because expert teachers of foreign languages ​​come less and less to the school because of the low salary. This clearly shows that although we boast of knowing foreign languages, our young people do not know a structured foreign language. When theses came out it was said that they were simple, but today this is no excuse that they are not well corrected. These results reveal to us how we have managed learning during the pandemic.

This year, the Ministry of Education also conducted pilot tests. So there was no need to put himself in this situation. So this shows that we have these results, we have nothing more to ask for. In a country where we are looking for an increase in tourism, we are targeting European Union projects, we are in this situation with a foreign language.

We are very weak. According to a WB study a few years ago, we were last in the Balkans for foreign language in a structured way. It is not a foreign language when we use the mobile phone and recognize its icons." Mehmeti said in MCN.

The education expert said that an in-depth analysis that gives a clear answer to the reasons that have led to the drop in results is necessary.

" Here we are today, we are not good. How much the drop in grade is over the years remains to be seen. Why doesn't anyone do an analysis of how the foreign language came out in the ninth and twelfth grades. If you're not good at the ninth, you can't be at the twelfth either. We have not done this analysis. We don't know where we are, what the difficulties are and where we give up the most. We content ourselves with this fact and speak when the effects occur, but we do not trace the cause. This appears to be the decline of education leading to an almost chaotic situation.

952 students in a compulsory subject. It starts in the third grade and ends in the twelfth grade. So nine years. The English language is an international language. We should have prepared the students in at least two languages. We in one language and we don't have them correct." Mehmet said.