Why are children killing their parents? 8 events that shook Albanian society in recent years

2024-02-25 14:08:30 / AKTUALITET ALFA PRESS

Why are children killing their parents? 8 events that shook Albanian society in

Before the second month of the new year had even closed, the entire public opinion was shocked by a macabre crime. In Shënavlash of Durrës, the three children killed their father and buried him in the hut near the apartment. A shocking story! 50-year-old Pëllumb Meta was the next victim of crimes in Albanian families, which are increasingly taking on frightening proportions, and where the perpetrators are precisely children.

Murder with firearms, suffocation with hands, physical violence up to death, and up to beheading; were some of the most sensational crimes in Albanian families during this decade, where the protagonists were the children, who took the lives of their parents in the most terrifying cold blood.

Economic difficulties, mental health problems, but also other problems within families, are some of the causes of the growth of this murderous phenomenon in Albanian society, and which requires the urgent need for institutional intervention. They are tragedies that expose the great trauma and depression within the family in our society.

This is the chronicle of macabre cases:

April 21, 2016

Ardit Zenelhoxha, 30 years old, strangled his mother Hedije Zenelhoxha with his hands, inside the house in the "Liberation" neighborhood of Elbasan. According to the police, the young man had been suffering from depression for a long time and was in financial difficulties. A few days before the serious incident, he had left his job at an energy drink distribution company, on the grounds that he was tired and not feeling well.

June 29, 2017

Husband and wife, Ali and Jenie Nika, were found dead at the door of their house in Durrës. The killer of the two was the son Leo Nika, 29 years old, who after an argument shot at them in pairs. The event at that time was suspected to have happened due to psychological problems and the drinking that the young man had.

June 7, 2018

Qemal Sela, 26 years old, shot his mother and father, Flamur Sela, 55 years old, and Zeqimete Sela, 50 years old, with automatic bullets. The young man had returned the day before from England and had a serious argument with his father, Flamur. The suspicions of the investigators were related to the fact that he had not brought money from abroad. In the fight, the boy demanded an account from his parents for 2 properties he had bought earlier.

August 6, 2020

In Buçimas, near the town of Pogradec, 44-year-old Olsi Çekiçi, after a verbal conflict with his mother, Firdes Çekiçi, grabbed a knife from the kitchen and killed her. Then he cut off his head and hung it at the door of the house in cold blood. The whole event happened in front of the author's minor daughter.

July 26, 2021

Ylber Lezi, 47 years old, was killed with hard objects at home by his wife and daughter, Mine Lezi and Aida Lezi, 51 and 21 years old, in Bulqiza. Lezi was a regular drinker, while his wife had mental health problems. The family lived in miserable economic conditions, while the girl had also started to show signs of depression.

August 25, 2022

Mariglen Muhametaj, 30 years old, killed his father, Qemalin, 73 years old, with hard objects in Greshnica, Mallakastra. Due to his mental state, the 37-year-old man showed no signs of remorse even during the interrogation immediately after the arrest, while he told the investigators in detail the entire scene of the crime.

September 1, 2023

Mato Gllucaj, 23 years old, organized the murder of his father in Gjorm of Vlora. He planted explosives in the gas stove they kept in the backyard. As soon as the father, Durmish Glluçaj, 56 years old, approached, the son detonated the explosive with an electrical mechanism. The young man killed his blind father, after repeatedly abusing him and initially tried to hide the incident.

February 11, 2024

Ike Sokoli was found dead in the apartment by his grandson in the village of Vilë-Bashtovë in Rrogozhina. The 75-year-old woman lost her life due to the physical violence of her son, Ndriçim Sokoli, 35 years old, with mental health problems, who had been accompanied earlier to the psychiatric hospital. Mother and son lived alone at home./ Report tv




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