Tonight 'tropical night'! Albania "under the rule" of the African heat

2024-06-21 23:37:20 / AKTUALITET ALFA PRESS

Tonight 'tropical night'! Albania "under the rule" of theFor the weekend, our country will continue to be under the influence of stable atmospheric conditions due to hot and dry air masses originating from the North African desert, according to the Military Weather Service.

However, starting from tomorrow, the African Anticyclone gradually begins its withdrawal, giving way to cooler and relatively more humid air masses of northwest origin.

So, as it was understood from the above, the weather is predicted to be clear throughout the territory, but without excluding a few transitory clouds in the mountainous reliefs in the east. Cloudiness in the high mountainous reliefs of the country in the hot hours of the day will be accompanied by weak and local rainfall.

Temperatures tomorrow will continue to be relatively high (values ​​up to 39 degrees Celsius), but this situation will change starting from Sunday and then with a drop in temperatures and values ​​that are within the "normal" monthly climate averages for our country.

While for those who will spend the weekend on the coast, the wind will be a bit "problematic" because in the afternoon until the afternoon (and mainly on Sunday) it will blow at an average speed of 3-7m/s and with gusts of up to 10m /s and main direction from the north quadrant.

Also, in the late evening hours of today and the early morning hours of Saturday, our country will perpetuate the phenomenon called "tropical nights" with minimum temperatures that do not drop below 26-28 degrees (low areas and the coast ).



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