Kreshnik Spahiu: Russian agencies pay millions to steal information from TIMS

2024-04-12 17:44:34 / AKTUALITET ALFA PRESS

Kreshnik Spahiu: Russian agencies pay millions to steal information from TIMS
Lawyer Kreshnik Spahiu said in an interview for Euronews Albania that the issue of intervention in the TIMS system is of particular importance since sensitive and secret information is recorded there.

Spahiu said that not only the entrances and exits of Albanians are recorded in TIMS, but there is sensitive information about police actions or interceptions that can also be used by Russian agencies.

"The issue of TIMS is more important than the issue of a tender in the municipality or land in Himara, in the TIMS system the interests of 3 million Albanians and diplomats are affected. There is a lot of sensitive and secret information recorded. Not only the entry and exit of Albanians are recorded, there is information about police actions, non-criminal events related to wiretapping. And the unauthorized acquisition of the TIMS system is a risk where the interests of national security, public order and civil defense police can be harmed, and what could be the purpose of acquiring them?

It can happen for 3 reasons; to blackmail any individual, the second can be used for mafia interests, different gangs can pay up to 2 million euros to get information on police actions. It can be used for agency purposes, for example the Russian service can request information from the TIMS system about all American, British, German agents entering and exiting Albania, who are the counterintelligence agents doing double duty for some services. This is the reason why the US envoy has gone to the office of the minister and the prime minister to tell them how sensitive this issue is ", said Spahiu.


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