Was it caused by the Albanians? German police: Those who clashed in Gelsenkirchen were Serbs and Englishmen

2024-06-16 21:37:09 / AKTUALITET ALFA PRESS

Was it caused by the Albanians? German police: Those who clashed in
England and Serbian fans clashed in ugly scenes on the streets of Germany just hours before the Three Lions' opening match at Euro 2024.

Shocking pictures show fans covered in blood after violence broke out.

The German police quickly went to the scene, while at least six people have been arrested.

There was speculation that the violent clash between the fans happened after a group of Albanians provoked and attacked Serbian fans in front of a restaurant.

The Serbian media accused the Albanians of the incident. And also the British media suspected that the fight was provoked by a group of Albanians.

But Gelsenkirchen police have confirmed that English and Serbian fans were involved in the violent clash.

"There was a scuffle between English and Serbian fans, which were broken up by police," a spokesman said. "Further measures are underway and the background is currently being clarified. Officers moved in after trouble broke out between fans outside a restaurant just after 3.30pm. The video shows a group of thugs - some hooded and masked - throwing bottles, chairs and tables - while some supporters were seen fleeing the area for safety as tensions boiled over.

One England fan is believed to have suffered a head wound in the fracas, while another was injured.

Earlier, the UK's Football Policing Unit issued a statement saying a 'number of arrests' had been made, but those arrested were believed to be Serbian.