The murder of Marije Qukaj, what forced the 17-year-old to leave the beach and go to her grandfather/ Lazër Qukaj's oath on the grave to take revenge

2024-06-21 22:57:25 / AKTUALITET ALFA PRESS

The murder of Marije Qukaj, what forced the 17-year-old to leave the beach and
Although the murder of Marije and her grandfather was forewarned, no one could reconcile the two families.

The program Ne Shënjestre on News24, by journalist Klodiana Lala, sheds light on the efforts that were made to stop the blood feud and the two Qukaj and Prroj tribes to forgive the blood.

Their clash took the life of 17-year-old Marija Qukaj, who was going to the beach on the day of the murder, but who then decided to help her grandfather in the field.

Her cousin, Lazër Qukaj, swore at Marija's grave that he would take revenge. Even the Association of Blood Reconciliation in Shkodër, which had tried several times to reconcile the Prroj family with that of Qukaj, had not succeeded because the Prroj family had not accepted.

Scarcity made Marije leave her apartment on the outskirts of Shkodra that day and go up to her grandfather's house in the mountains.

Meanwhile, her case raised a protest with hundreds of people in Tirana, who with her portrait in their hands marched towards Dêshmorët e Kombit Boulevard, holding her photograph in their hands. American ambassador Aleksandër Arvizu was also present at that event.

But has justice been done for Marije and her grandfather, 12 years after leaving this life unjustly, and should the investigations be reopened once again, to bring justice to the country?

Perhaps with the thought that her soul may rest in peace, although her departure at that age and at that age, cannot make any society feel good, whoever it may be, that has the slightest dignity in its deeds and does not forget .