He killed his ex-wife and left the knife in her body, on Monday the 50-year-old from Vlora apologizes. The mother of two children will be buried today in Albania

2024-05-18 09:14:04 / AKTUALITET ALFA PRESS

He killed his ex-wife and left the knife in her body, on Monday the 50-year-old
On Monday morning, 50-year-old Albanian Eduart Danaj, who killed his ex-wife with multiple stab wounds, leaving the weapon of the crime stuck in the dead body, is expected to apologize to the investigator on Monday. The incident happened in Menidi, in the early hours of Thursday.

The Albanian from Vlora is charged with intentional homicide in a calm state of mind, illegal possession of weapons and use of weapons. Meanwhile, the relatives, siblings and children of the deceased will accompany Enkelejda Danaj today to the last residence in her native Albania.

The woman's brother, speaking to protothema.gr, mentioned the tortures that his ex-brother-in-law did to his sister even when the woman was pregnant with her first child, he put her head in bleach. But despite these episodes, the 50-year-old remained free, although the unfortunate woman had denounced him three times in the past for domestic violence. On May 7, the author was arrested after the victim reported domestic violence. He was referred to be tried at the Court of Athens, but the hearing of the case was postponed until today.

The cynical confession of the 50-year-old

The 50-year-old arrested on Thursday afternoon in Fyli cynically confessed his crime, describing that "I woke up in the morning and went to that place as I knew it would pass, until 5.30 in the morning. When I saw him, I took out my knife and started stabbing him. Then I left on foot and went to a hotel. I sat for a while and then left."

Asked by the police why he committed the serious crime, the self-confessed author allegedly replied that "I couldn't bear to see her boyfriend driving my car. I was working and she was eating my money. Yesterday I made the decision to kill my wife. To work two jobs so that he can eat me? I knew when he would leave the house. I shot and stabbed him. Then I went to a hotel where I stayed for about two hours. Then I went outside. I drank a few beers until the police found me." It is worth noting that at no point did the 50-year-old "repent" and did not ask for forgiveness.

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