Gaza: Hamas is ready for a comprehensive deal

2024-06-16 23:18:56 / BOTA ALFA PRESS

Gaza: Hamas is ready for a comprehensive deal
Hamas's response to the latest proposal for a cease-fire in Gaza is in line with the principles laid out in US President Joe Biden's plan, the Qatar-based group's leader, Ismail Haniya, said today in a televised speech on the occasion of the sw Kurban holiday. Eid.

" Hamas and the (Palestinian) organizations are ready for a comprehensive agreement that will bring a ceasefire, withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, rebuilding what was destroyed and a comprehensive agreement on the exchange of prisoners," Haniya said, referring to the exchange. of Israeli hostages with Palestinian prisoners.

On May 31, Biden presented what he called an Israeli "three-phase" proposal that would include negotiations for a permanent cease-fire in Gaza as well as gradual exchanges of Israeli hostages for Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli prisons.

Egypt and Qatar, which along with the United States mediate between Hamas and Israel, said on June 11 that they had received a response from Palestinian organizations about the US plan, without giving details.

While Israel said Hamas rejected key elements of the US plan, a senior Hamas official told Reuters the changes the group sought were not significant.