Israel will undertake new attacks, here is the call that has raised the alarm

2024-07-11 09:09:03 / BOTA ALFA PRESS

Israel will undertake new attacks, here is the call that has raised the alarm

The Israeli army is calling on all Gazans to leave the city, which observers believe is a sign of imminent new military operations, the dpa news agency reported yesterday.

In a call published in Arabic, an Israeli army spokesman said people should leave the city in the northern Gaza Strip and take shelter in the towns of Deir Al-Balah and Al-Zawiya in the center of the Palestinian enclave. He also described which routes they could take without encountering checkpoints.

Gaza City, the Israeli spokesman warned, is a dangerous war zone. Media reported that the Israeli army distributed leaflets in the city this morning and called on people to evacuate.

In recent weeks, the army has called on residents of several districts of the city to leave. Since then, more violent clashes have been reported in these districts, including Shedžaija. The last call applies to the entire city area.

Israeli troops carried out combat operations in Gaza City at the beginning of the war, in October last year. Since then, fighters from the Palestinian militant movement Hamas have been trying to regroup, both in Gaza City and in other parts of the enclave.

Gaza City is among the areas hardest hit by the devastation of war. Meanwhile, Israeli army chief Herzi Halevi says the army is putting pressure on Hamas in various forms.

" We seek to destroy as many terrorist structures as possible and ultimately kill as many members and leaders of Hamas as possible," the army said in a statement. "These measures will reduce Hamas' capabilities and allow us to advance ," he said.



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