Conflict between gangs in Mexico, 7 dead

2024-02-25 13:51:02 / BOTA ALFA PRESS

Conflict between gangs in Mexico, 7 dead

Seven bodies were found inside a bullet-riddled car in eastern Mexico.

The bodies of five men and two women were found in a vehicle on the side of a road in the city of Aculzingo, in Veracruz state, which is an area plagued by rival gang conflicts.

One of the victims was a minor, according to media citing a National Guard official. Strong army and police forces have been deployed in the area to arrest the perpetrators.

A few days ago, such a massacre was also recorded in the city of Tuspan in the same state, where two vehicles were found with bodies cut into pieces. On the bridge where the cars were abandoned, the perpetrators had left a threatening message addressed to a rival gang.

The state of Veracruz, known for its vanilla and coffee, is one of the main routes used by cartels to transport drugs to the US market.