The British Prime Minister condemns the opposition's claims that 'the war in Ukraine was provoked by the West itself'

2024-06-22 18:57:53 / BOTA ALFA PRESS

The British Prime Minister condemns the opposition's claims that 'the

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said today that right-wing candidate Nigel Farage's claims that 'the West itself provoked the war in Ukraine' are "completely wrong and only give Putin an advantage".

The leader of the right-wing anti-immigration party 'Reform UK' made the claims yesterday in an interview with the BBC where, among other things, he said that "we provoked this war", although he then added that "of course it is Vladimir Putin's fault".

Sunak said today to journalists in the campaign that "This humiliation is dangerous for the security of Britain and its allies, and increases the power of Putin".

Main opposition Labor leader Keir Starmer, tipped to replace Sunak after next month's election, also called Farage's comments "despicable".

"All those who are with our parliament must be clear that Russia is the aggressor", the Labor member said today at a campaign meeting.

While Farage is a former British MEP who has failed several times to enter the British Parliament and this time he is competing in Clacton in the east of England and once again his party is expected to win several MPs.

Farage is a former leader of the Brexit campaign and close to former President Donald Trump, writes the AFP network.

After the criticism, he also defended the comments where he said that Sunak, the first black Prime Minister of Britain, "does not understand our culture", as he explained in an interview that he is "very high class".