He left his mother alone in the apartment without water and food, the elderly woman dies of hunger/ The girl who went on vacation is arrested

2024-06-18 19:42:11 / BOTA ALFA PRESS

He left his mother alone in the apartment without water and food, the elderly
Left alone, without water and food, the elderly person dies of hunger. The tragic event happened in Rome, while the victim lived with her daughter, who had to take care of her. But the girl left for a few days on vacation along with her young children.

When she returned home, she found her elderly mother dead and – without calling the police – covered her with a sheet, leaving her on the floor.

The macabre discovery happened on June 12 when policemen from the Montelibretti station went to the apartment in the municipality of the northern province of the capital, to report on a document about an old court case. Arriving at the house, receiving no response and suspecting a strong smell coming from the apartment, they decided to investigate further.

They then conducted a search of the perimeter of the house and found an open window which allowed them entry. Inside, the soldiers found the body of the elderly woman lying on the ground. A sheet partially covered him. The doctor intervened at the scene and confirmed that the 84-year-old died a few days ago.

The immediate investigations made it possible to unravel the incident and direct the investigations towards the 49-year-old girl, cohabitant, responsible for the care of the elderly woman, on whom evidence of guilt was collected. Instead of taking care of her, the woman actually left home to go on vacation to Abruzzo with her two young children, without giving proper care to the mother, thus abandoned, without food or water and without no cell phone to be able to ask for help.

An arrest warrant has been issued for the 49-year-old, she was stopped by the carabinieri of the Monterotondo company, who sent her to the Rebibbia prison, where the investigating judge of the Tivoli court confirmed the arrest and placed her under house arrest.