With a Nazi symbol on his body, who is the English fan who fought with the Serbs in Germany and risks...

2024-06-18 19:47:33 / BOTA ALFA PRESS

With a Nazi symbol on his body, who is the English fan who fought with the Serbs
A hooligan, accused of being involved in an attack on Serbian fans on the streets of Gelsenkirchen, was previously arrested in Germany after having a Nazi symbol painted on his body.

Gordon Thomas, 39, who now faces a match ban, was previously detained by police in 2006 for having an SS symbol painted on his back while watching England's World Cup match against Paraguay.

He was fined €50 and later released, but subsequently won £750 in compensation related to the time he was held by British police.

Following his recent trip to Germany, he was detained at Manchester Airport on Monday night under the Football Spectators Act 1989.
Thomas, from Bolton, appeared at Manchester Magistrates' Court on Tuesday charged with being part of the violence in Gelsenkirchen ahead of Sunday's 1-0 win against Serbia, which was classified as high risk by local police amid concerns of potential trouble.

"I don't know what I should have done"

Violence broke out on Sunday afternoon when English hooligans attacked Serbian fans sitting outside a restaurant and the brawl involved more than 100 people.

Thomas, who represented himself, told the court he had been served with court documents on arrival at Manchester Airport but had not been made aware of the evidence against him.

District Judge Joanne Hirst adjourned the case so that Mr. Thomas could seek legal advice, but she warned him it was a "serious" matter that could lead to him being banned from football for three years.

She granted him bail, which means he is not allowed to travel outside England or Wales before his next court appearance on August 23.

The court heard that the passport of Mr. Thomas had already been seized by the police.