Flooding in Germany, critical situation in many areas! Scholz promises help for affected residents

2024-05-19 09:40:59 / BOTA ALFA PRESS

Flooding in Germany, critical situation in many areas! Scholz promises help for

The situation after heavy rain and flooding in the Saarland is easing, but in many areas it still remains critical.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz, during the visit to the flood areas, promised aid to the affected residents. Other areas in the southwest also suffered damage from floods.

After the floods due to the massive rains in Saarland, the municipalities have started with the work of repairing the damages. The level of most rivers is falling. In many areas, however, even on Saturday afternoon (18.05.2024), the situation was critical. Many roads are still filled with water and a number of roads are suspended for traffic. In the railway segment between Mettlach and Trier, even on Sunday, trains will not be able to run. The positive news is that there were no injuries or damage to people in any of the affected areas.

The most affected were the state capital Saarbrücken as well as the cities of Neunkirchen, Blieskastel and Ottweiler. In many municipalities, electricity was cut off due to damage, while in some other areas the network had to be shut down for safety reasons. Some people had to be evacuated from their homes mainly in Mettlach and Saarhölzbach.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz also visited the flood areas alongside the Prime Minister of the Land, Anke Rehlinger. They stayed in the hard-hit village of Kleinblittersdorf. Both social democratic politicians promised help to the residents and praised the commitment of the aid forces.

Currently, the focus is on acute aid, then we will "intend to discuss what can be done", said Scholz, without being specific. He added that here "everyone can have faith that it will become the best".

According to data from the Center for Measuring Water Levels from Floods, there is an extreme risk of flooding. This natural phenomenon occurs in cycles every 20 or 50 years, the state Authority for the Environment and Occupational Safety in Saarbryken communicated. The German Weather Service warned that there is a risk to life. So far, fortunately, there have been no casualties or damage, the Ministry of the Interior noted.

In the state capital Saarbrücken, a state of major damage was declared on Friday evening (17.05.2024). The overflow of the Saar River flooded several roads that were blocked.

The Saar River will continue to experience rising water levels due to continued rainfall. Germany's weather service recorded 100 liters of rainwater per square meter. Although the rainfall has decreased, the situation is still difficult in the evacuated areas of Saarland./ DW