The British mountaineer's letter is published on the 100th anniversary of his disappearance on Everest

2024-04-23 00:05:43 / BOTA ALFA PRESS

The British mountaineer's letter is published on the 100th anniversary of
The letters of one of Great Britain's most famous and ill-fated climbers and explorers have been published online. Letters from George Mallory, who disappeared on Mount Everest in 1914, to his wife Ruth have been published by Cambridge University's Magdalene College.

It is known that he was 37 years old when he and his partner in exploration Andre Irwine disappeared on the summit of the highest mountain in the world. 75 years later his body was found although it is still unknown if he reached the top of the mountain. The letters have been published for the 100th anniversary of his disappearance, skynews writes,
"Darling, I wish you the best, I hope your anxiety ends. It's 50 to 1 against us, but we'll be proud," Mallory's last letter reads.

His letters also describe the first reconnaissance mission to Everest in 1921 and the second expedition a year later. Through his writings, he also described his service during the First World War. But, in addition to Mallory's letters, his wife's letter, the only survivor from that period, has also been published.
"I think I love your company even more than before", says her writing. Mallory's letters are free to view on the Magdalene College website.

The first documented summit of Everest was in 1953 by New Zealand climber Edmund Hillary and Tibetan climber Tenzian Norgay.