Putin warns NATO: We are heading towards global war, the consequences will be serious

2024-05-28 23:09:34 / BOTA ALFA PRESS

Putin warns NATO: We are heading towards global war, the consequences will be
The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has strongly reacted to the hypotheses that Kiev will use missiles supplied by NATO countries to strike deep into Russian territory.

Speaking at a press conference in Tashkent at the end of a visit to Uzbekistan, he singled out NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who on Saturday spoke of the need to allow Ukraine to use Western weaponry against Russia. .

"The consequences will be serious", Putin warned, underlining that in any case Moscow will hold NATO directly responsible for the attacks, estimating that long-range missiles such as the American Atacms cannot be used "without the data of satellite intelligence" developed by Alliance techniques.

The head of the Kremlin said that he does not understand Stoltenberg's position. "When he was prime minister of Norway we discussed various issues and at that time I am sure he did not suffer from dementia," he noted. But now "he cannot but know" that the use of missiles such as Atacms against Russian territory would require a direct role of NATO technicians. With all the consequences of the case.

The question is how Moscow will respond. The Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, limited himself by announcing that the "supreme commander", meaning Putin himself, and the military leaders "are taking adequate countermeasures and are preparing". Measures that only they are aware of.

But the president's words seem to leave open a terrible scenario, that of a war between Russia and NATO. The head of the Kremlin warned especially those European countries "with a small territory but a high population density", which would suffer the most devastating consequences. It is easy to see the mention of the Baltic states, supporters of the most intransigent line possible against Moscow. Therefore, they should take these risk factors into account "before talking about attacks deep inside Russian territory."

Some of these countries, along with Poland, have also said they are ready to send troops on the ground to Ukraine, first floated by French President Emmanuel Macron. This would be "another step" towards "a global conflict", Putin commented, warning that these soldiers "would find themselves in the firing range of the Russian armed forces".

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