The elections in North Macedonia will be re-voted in several polling stations on Wednesday

2024-05-19 09:13:09 / BOTA ALFA PRESS

The elections in North Macedonia will be re-voted in several polling stations on

The State Election Commission in North Macedonia on Saturday set May 22 as the date for re-voting in seven election centers after the Administrative Court rejected the appeals of the Democratic Union for Integration and the European Front.

The coalition parties complained against the possibility of repeating the process while they called the SEC's decision a scenario so that the DUI and the European Front would be damaged, taking away at least one to two MPs.

All the members of the SEC, except for the vice president Ditmire Shehu, who did not participate in the session, voted to repeat the voting in a center of the Municipality of Zhelina near Tetova. It is about the sixth electoral district, where the European Front won nine deputies, while the " Vlen " coalition won seven.

The re-voting risks that the European Front will lose a deputy and it will go to the Vlen coalition, given the influence that the leaders of this coalition have, specifically in the village of Llërcë, where the re-voting was confirmed. Less than two hundred votes will determine whether DUI and its coalition will lose or retain this seat in parliament.

There will be re-voting in six other centers in Kruševo, Dollnen, Struga and Ohrid, as part of the sixth electoral district. Here, too, the European Front coalition risks losing a member of parliament, and either the Social Democratic League or the VMRO-DPMNE will win it.

DUI and its partners estimate that all parties have come together to damage it because in the parliamentary elections of May 8, the second party in the country came out with 19 legislators, while SDSM has one less, while the Vlen coalition has 13. seats out of 120 in the parliament.

DUI President Ali Ahmeti said after a meeting on Saturday with the leaders of the European Front coalition that they are the winners of the May 8 elections, but that agreements are being made to the detriment of Albanians, with the aim of jeopardizing inter-ethnic relations. " The re-voting has a dangerous background, but the strategy of inciting tensions will not be allowed to be implemented," said Mr. Ahmeti.

Meanwhile, the Vlen coalition, which includes Besa Movement, Democratic Movement, Alternativa and the faction of the Alliance for Albanians accuse DUI of manipulations in the parliamentary elections ten days ago; for buying votes and pressure and threats against voters.

"Vlen " is involved in intensive talks with the VMRO-DPMNE party for the formation of the new government. Mr. Arben Taravari has emphasized that the new government coalition can be made official next Friday.

The last presidential and parliamentary elections in North Macedonia, where VMRO scored a deep victory, have been followed with interest not only in the region but also beyond. Analysts in Skopje see the nationalist VMRO as holding back the country's EU integration processes with its top officials' rhetoric against deals with Greece and Bulgaria, which are key to the small Balkan country's path to Brussels.