Edi Rama, the corrupt system and the plums behind his back


Edi Rama, the corrupt system and the plums behind his back

When he was in the opposition, Edi Rama had as a refrain "the system that corrupts you".

In the rhetoric of that period, one could not separate the corrupt individual from the governing system, because there can be no corrupt system that produces an honest individual. With this "justification", he made an agreement in April 2013 with Ilir Meta, because of which he had organized a violent protest, which resulted in four victims.

According to Rama's concept, Meta was no longer corrupt, because it was the system that had made him so, so, with the takeover of power by the socialists, he would be cleansed and become honest.

How that relationship between them turned out is known to many, so there is no point in recalling it, but it is important to raise the question whether today's Prime Minister still thinks that it is the system that corrupts or it is the individuals who make up the corrupt system .

Does today's Rama think like he used to, that there cannot be a corrupt system and honest individuals, because coexistence between them is impossible?

The question is rhetorical, because Edi Rama has invented another excuse, that of "eating plums behind his back" or "crooked wood" that cannot destroy the whole stack, wanting to escape the responsibility he has as head of the government.

Erjon Veliaj was equally justified for his directors, when he spoke in the same language as the chief executive. One had the whole government eating plums behind his back, the other all the municipal directors.

Regardless of what Rama and Veliaj may say, it is clear that there cannot be an honest prime minister at the head of a corrupt government just as there cannot be a mayor without the permission of the most important directors of the municipality. build a clean corrupt scene.

Even more so in a country like Albania where everything is centralized and none of the subordinates and lower level officials can do anything without the approval and permission of the boss.

Edi Rama not only failed to cure the corrupt system, but deepened the corruption even more at all levels of government, central and local, making it sophisticated to the maximum.

Today he stands at the head of a corrupt government, where he has produced more candidates for SPAK than VKM.

The inverted rhetoric that it is not the system that corrupts you, but it is the ministers who eat plums behind the Prime Minister's back and the directors who act without obtaining the mayor's permission, seems to have no value, because this is clearly a rhetoric of ink, no matter how much color and propaganda treatment is given to it.

The truth is that this is a system built by corruption and on corruption, having in its composition individuals who are corrupt and corrupt to keep the system alive, which lives as a result of being fed by corruption.

Therefore, there is no solution but the radical overthrow of a corrupt system that is kept alive by an equally corrupt political actor.