The guarantee of the Berisha family today is called Edi Rama


The guarantee of the Berisha family today is called Edi Rama
Why does Berisha only win in Albanian courts but loses in Paris, London, Washington?

Berisha wins criminal cases only in Albanian courts which, according to him, are controlled by Rama and loses in any foreign court where Rama has no influence.

Today the Court of Appeal in London decided: Dismissal of Sali Berisha's claims for removal from the Non-Grata blacklist.

This is the third foreign court to rule against Berisha.

3 years ago, Berisha appealed to the French Court in Paris against the US decision to declare him Non-Grata, accusing Secretary of State Antony Blinken of defamation.

Even in Paris there was the same bad luck as in London or Washington.

Another American court ruled against the Berisha family for the Gërdeci file a few years ago.

All American and European justice is ruling against Berisha. He will go out on the balcony in the evening and say he bought Soros: London, Paris, Washington and the EU.

The British, French or American verdict is a bell for the animal justice which is reluctant to put it under accusation, leaves the tip of the balcony and returns the seal.

Every day, Berisha accuses the courts and the prosecution as Edi Rama's gangs or criminal organizations, but he forgets to say: Why is Rama ordering his gangs:

- do not arrest him in prison

- do not communicate a criminal charge

- do not send the case to trial

- don't disturb him when he holds rallies

- do not harass the family

- don't touch the businesses

- return the stamp

But why does Berisha win in Edi Rama's Albania and lose in the West?

Was he interested in Rama giving the seal to Berisha?

Soooo, there sure was a lot of interest.

As long as Berisha is the leader of the opposition, that's how long Rama will continue in power. Even taking into account that PD will go to Argita, Rama has all the more motivation to protect the establishment and the winning scheme.

With Argita, Rama reigns until 2044.

The guarantee of the Berisha family today is called Edi Rama

But have America and England lost the war with Berisha?

No at all. The battle has not yet begun because the new US ambassador arrives in July with a more radical agenda than Yuri Kim.

Unable to vote them out because the elections are manipulated with the principle: "The people vote, Rama-Berisha counts", they have found the keys to connect with SPAK. This model was used by special prosecutors in North Macedonia, Croatia, Romania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Kosovo.

The Americans have only solution to handcuff the opponents of Albanian and American national interests in the region.

America, England, France, Brussels cannot lose the war with Berisha, because they predicted Berisha's steps 10 years in advance. It is no coincidence that America and England have declared their daughter Non-Grata, Argita Berisha, before her father.

America knew Sali Berisha's plan B to inherit the party to his daughter.

It is certainly no coincidence why Katerina, Vladimir Putin's daughter, was declared Non-Grata just like Berisha's daughter. Only Berisha and Putin have been blacklisted with 3 generations of blood.

Who will not understand, let him wait until April 2025.