Meta divorced his wife for the sake of the war with SPAK, but what will Berisha do with the "marriage" he has with Gaz Bardhi?!

2024-06-20 22:33:43 / EDITORIAL NGA POLI HOXHA

Meta divorced his wife for the sake of the war with SPAK, but what will Berisha
The head of Freedom Parish, Ilir Meta, stated this evening at the beginning of the interview on Çim Peka's show, that this Thursday he officially started the divorce procedure with his wife, Monika Kryemadhi. This sensational statement came after Peka's question, " how will people trust you in your battle when your wife and the former leader of the Freedom Party, does not believe that SPAK is controlled by Edi Rama?".

Immediately after this question, Meta stated that precisely because of this attitude of his wife Monika Kryemadhi, with whom he has 3 children already of adult age, he has started the process of dissolving the long marriage. It seems unbelievable, but it's true: Ilir Meta, not only politically but also in marriage, is divorcing because of the opposite attitudes he has with Kryemadhi regarding the Special Prosecutor's Office, a reason he calls so big that it's destroying the family as well.

This is a strong and "manly" decision which creates a new precedent and reality in Albanian politics, which SPAK, in particular, has divided into two camps. Therefore, based on this precedent that Ilir Meta set by sacrificing his family, it is time that the question that Çim Peka asked him is also asked by Sali Berisha.

It is: Mr. Berisha, you are convinced that SPAK is under the control of Edi Rama's orders, while your deputy, Gazment Bardhi, the vice-president and chairman of the DP parliamentary group, has a completely opposite attitude. How can the democrats and Albanians continue to trust you when the president of the Democratic Party calls SPAK a criminal organization, while the vice president of the Democratic Party supports and trusts him?!

Now we know they can continue with the "together in diversity" tale, but there's a problem. Ilir Meta, destroying the family and the marriage, really raised the stake so high that the one-year "marriage" of Sali Berisha with Gazment Bardhi will look at best like those hideous matchmaking, when the bride was bought with a cow. .

Bardhi-Berisha "marriage" is not that there was any chemistry. On the contrary, it was carried out under conditions when both had vomited bile and accused each other of murder. Berisha blamed Bardhi for the bloodshed of the 2021 elections in Elbasan, while he, in turn, weighed his hand even more, when he counted the many graves in Gërdec to "Zen's father".

Anyway, they put a glass of wine to overcome all this and more and "married" in diversity. No one actually ate this, but it seems that until now this "marriage" was being held and was working, at least in appearance.

Where does Ilir Meta leave you comfortable? He, like Sali Berisha, is in an open war against SPAK and "Dumduman", but this Tuesday he went from words to major acts: He left his wife with 3 children and broke up his marriage of about 30 years, only that Minika Kryemadhi, like Gaz Bardhi believes in the Special Prosecutor's Office and thinks that it is not controlled by Edi Rama.

This extreme act, more than anything else, requires manhood. And this is exactly where Ilir Meta has raised the bar to Sali Berisha: I sacrifice my wife and family in the fight against SPAK, while you can't put in line or, on the contrary, even divorce Gaz Bardhi, who used to take coffee to Lulpeng?!

We don't know how this job will go after what Meta did, but trouble for Bardhi and even bigger trouble for Sali Berisha who is facing the challenge of showing manhood in front of those who follow him, only 5% of what he showed Ilir Meta. Because he is being asked for a divorce with Gaz Bardhi, not with the mother of the two children as Ilir Meta did!/

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