DP "land of xanun" of Berisha, now with a mortgage!

2024-06-13 16:50:43 / EDITORIAL NGA DESADA METAJ

DP "land of xanun" of Berisha, now with a mortgage!
And on the third day of the seal, when the euphoria of the militants is sweating from the heat, the only fresh thing in the Doctor's DP continues to be "Berishism".

Because basically everything started 33 years ago and sealed 3 days ago by the Court of Appeal is in function and synchronous with the way Sali Berisha has run his party, governed the country and manipulated all subordinate powers and independent of him. For these reasons, he deserves to be carefully treated by history as a man who survives politics on the eighth floor of the building where he lives, not being coherent with any political position these 33 years except the way he treats his political opponent and "internal enemies". These two elements combined with the efficiency of the doctor's fluid alliances with the "regime" were decisive in the flourishing of his family's business and the battle with the anti-Berishist part in the PD.

It is now clear that PD is owned by the Berisha family. Personally, I believed that within a large party conceived by free and idealistic people, with all the ideological, programmatic or social misunderstandings and misunderstandings, the moment had come for the spirit to be replaced by a little more conservatism and citizenship and a little less greed and idolatry.

Unfortunately this proved unsuccessful.

First, because the Parishist spirit was and remains strong among some of the idolatrous militants. Meanwhile, the interests of the oligarchs, the building permits for the towers, the big media owners continue to be closely linked to the son of the former prime minister. As a result, the invoices of militants, protests, media megaphones, metal or those with human shapes have had and have payment liquidity without any obstacles.

Secondly, from the moment of his expulsion from the PD parliamentary group, Sali Barisha had the advantage of knowing his opponents. Not by chance, month after month Foltorja managed to buy not only the shallowness of thought and attitude but also the coherence, great ambitions and insecurities of the majority of those who opposed Berisha in the beginning. Thus increasing the number of his supporters.

Third, by using mud-slinging as his normal way of communication, Sali Berisha managed to massively intimidate normal voices and people who want a DP without Berishism. And in order to face Sali Berisha's slanderous army with slander and accusations, you must have a strong stomach. Meanwhile, not all normal people are willing to do this without getting anything in return.

Fortunately, the almost 3-year agony of a broken DP came to an end.

Along with it and the stupid rhetoric of the union between two ideologies that have nothing in common. After 33 years, Berishism sealed the fate of PD by formalizing it as a "land and xanun" political formation, this time with mortgage papers. But leaving him smaller and more helpless than ever before.

Never in the history of Albania's democracy has DP been more divided, smaller and more ridiculous than today. The unstamped piece is neither the best nor the worst of the PD scraps. But in front of some normal people in formation and behavior, the parochist part is so miserable and anachronistic. So much so that it seems as if Edi Rama has drawn them according to his political appetite and artistic taste. It's just that for the last brushstrokes he has to wait for the transfer of ownership to Argita. Until this happens, the show with "united in diversity" will be the last show that the doctor will offer for free to all of us who believed that in his lifetime we would defeat Berishism in PD.


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