The government does not fall with the similar model!


The government does not fall with the similar model!

The government is not overthrown by protests, neither by attacking SPAK and the judiciary, nor by raising the cause of "the release of the leader of the opposition", nor by recycling the same rusty political figures, nor by bringing out those who have left nothing unsaid each other, starting from the most monstrous accusations, neither putting in charge those who have misused the trust of the people, when they were in power, and of the democrats, during the time of the opposition, nor making bargains at night with the power, benefiting the tower and the tender, and the day leaving nothing unsaid, neither filling the world with five-lek lies, nor being truthful with people and the public, nor being humble towards the one on the balcony and being aggressive and arrogant towards anyone else Ay has targeted as an enemy.

The government does not fall with the similar model. If he is accused of corruption, you cannot put him in front of some corrupt people. If he is accused of being connected to crime, you cannot oppose him with people connected to criminal groups. If it is accused of abuses of tenders and concessions, those who are known as beneficiaries of tenders and concessions from yesterday's government cannot make the accusations.

The government is not overthrown with the principle "you leave, we will come", as long as you have not shown the will and desire to change and to convince people why you are different from this government.

The government is not overthrown by talking only to the party militants with a wooden language and an outdated model, because that is how you can win the militants who are ready to eat grass for the party, but, by no means, the Albanian society, which, in contrast, from the problems of this opposition, there are completely different problems, which do not meet anywhere with its rhetoric.

The government is not overthrown by an unreformed opposition, taken hostage by a man and a family that, for political and economic interests, left behind some forty calculators for deputies and possibly for thieves in the case of a hypothetical takeover of power.

The government cannot be overthrown by a party that has raised the lie within itself into the system, has turned humility towards the leader into idolatry, internal conflict into lubricant to move forward.

The government cannot be overthrown by a political grouping in which the right has no place, the reasonable is uninvited, the honest expelled, the normal anathematized, where politics is replaced by 'the way', argument by 'force', logic' crowd', where the Lie is sitting on the throne of the Truth and from there it directs everything, while Blindness is the main principle to be part of this ensemble of eyes where the government is always won and overthrown, while the next day the history of this thing starts from the before, cyclically repeating itself.

That is, from loss to continuous loss, to annihilation.


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