The USA throws Bardhi's diversity union with Berisha into the trash can

2024-05-21 12:00:06 / EDITORIAL NGA BATO KOSOVA

The USA throws Bardhi's diversity union with Berisha into the trash can

Gabriel Eskobar's recent statement that the opposition must be very clear about its leadership and his hope that the leadership of the DP will not be someone who remembers the bad and old days of Albania in the 90s, it is in the wake of the US Department of State's interest in the fate and future of the opposition and especially the Democratic Party.

Just as Ambassador Yuri Kim would declare on the steps of the Democratic Party that the US expects a forward-looking opposition and can't wait to see it in power to celebrate together, this statement by Escobar is another attraction attention and a repetition of the US position regarding Berisha's " Non women " and those who have joined him in the hope that they will throw it at America.

This statement by the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for the Western Balkans comes in his last days in this position at the Department of State, but at the same time it comes at a time when the Court of Appeal in Albania has decided June 11 as the day when to address the issue of the DP logo and seal.

Through this clear statement, the USA seems to have once again rejected the thesis of unity in diversity, articulated by Bardhi and his people to justify going to Berisha, emphasizing that a clear attitude and a clear separation with the past is needed .

This seems to be an answer to those who continue to say why America does not speak or to those MPs who are neither meat nor fish, hoping in the lies of Gaz Bardhi that he has the support of the Americans or the Europeans for the union with Berisha .

More clearly than this, the Americans have never spoken, although they have always been clear on this matter.