Both Rama, Berisha and former "Gazka" confirmed the American report just a few hours after it came out!

2024-04-11 14:41:12 / EDITORIAL NGA POLI HOXHA

Both Rama, Berisha and former "Gazka" confirmed the American report

For some time now, a seemingly absurd political situation has been going on in Albania.

Edi Rama considers himself very smart and a juggler, since he decided to play the farce according to which there are only two political poles in the country, he and Berisha.

Gaz Bardhi is also the scapegoat on the mammoths' plate, whose mind is filled with the fact that he is a "player" who scores at both gates of the field and the goals are called.

Berisha, on the other hand, goes out to the balcony at night and pretends to fight with the regime, shoots cannons at SPAK's mullahs and after entering the prison house, monitors the new pact with Edi Rama.

This whole panorama has only one name: Intimidation of justice and imposition on internationals as the only factors, which in Albania have both the hail and the sun in their hands!

But the endgame has come.

The last report of Freedom House, an American organization whose main mission is to monitor democracy in the world, was a strong spotlight that brings to light the poisoned soup that Rama and Berisha are cooking, even though they smother it with strong spices and goat meat . gas white type.

The breakdown of the game is shocking.

Not that the Albanians didn't know, but because the internationals are warning them for the last time not to play smart with them and play with two gates.

The report says it bluntly: Berisha's political force, Rama and his government, the media they control and the businesses in their service, have come together against SPAK.

After the Rama majority is blackened, the attitude towards Berisha and anyone who follows them or makes agreements like Rama is clear: They are using violence as an instrument, the aim is to destabilize the country, they are undermining democracy, they are using the media and businesses for their malignant cause and have surrounded and they are intimidating SPAK and GJKKO.

For those who don't know, Freedom House reports are the basis of official US positions.

For the gullible, we remember that when it is written in these types of reports that a political group anywhere in the world is violent, aims to destabilize the country and democracy, usually then the government officially declares these groups as "terrorists".

No one wants and wishes for this conclusion, since even the "grass eating" that has been going on for 3 years is too much. But one thing is clear: Rama-Berisha Market is being closely monitored by internationals.

This report is only the prelude and Edi Rama has to be the main culprit, since to escape justice by reconfirming power for another 4 years, he is selling Berisha's organization as the only political factors in the country that he faces but also that can make a deal, for the sake of "democracy".

It empowers it in the Assembly, brings it to the high political table such as that of the Electoral Reform, feeds it economically through oligarchic businesses and above all keeps it in play by processing public opinion with the common media.

With his hand, he sent a message to the main media, to treat Gazment Bardhin "as an asset".  Whereas PD and Lulzim Basha, who are the only pro-SPAK and in the western line for Albanian democracy, should be de-factored, attacked even without connection, ridiculed and treated as finished.

They have so much trouble with SPAK and to continue to enjoy the power of the "majority and the opposition" together, that they have got their heads in the conspiracy to undermine democracy.

They introduced it to the point that only a few hours after the publication of the American Freedom House report, they confirmed it point by point.

Through the former Gazka, now deputy chairman of the non-grata organization Rithemelimi ("aAset" according to Rama), in cooperation with Lindita Nikolla yesman, they amnestied the non-grata of the USA and Great Britain and certified the "undermining of democracy ".

Even that heavy part of the "violence and instability of the country", they did not tolerate it, but quickly proved it, by throwing molotov bombs at the municipality of Tirana, since the central headquarters of corruption in the country, which is Rama's office , were freed in time! /

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