The foreign language exam, this year more remaining. Dissatisfied with the assessment, graduates warn of a protest

2024-06-17 08:55:21 / EKONOMI&SOCIALE ALFA PRESS

The foreign language exam, this year more remaining. Dissatisfied with the

The release of the results of the foreign language exam that was given nearly two weeks ago has brought the reaction of a part of the graduates, through social networks. Dissatisfied with the assessment, they warn of a protest in front of the Ministry of Education in the coming days. The high school commentators say that their three-year mark was 10, while in the test they were rated lower, which is unfair to them.

The foreign language opened the State Matura on June 3, an exam which for some of the graduates was of an average level. But with the release of the results, dissatisfaction has increased.

The data revealed that in the whole country there were 119 high school graduates who were evaluated with grade 10, while 952 high school students were left in foreign languages. Compared to a year ago, the performance seems to be in the dash, significantly reducing the number of excellent and increasing the number of residuals. Translated into numbers, the difference from year to year shows 924 less excellent and 568 more residual.

But high school graduates have the right to file a complaint. This is the second year that graduates have the right to re-evaluate the thesis, after the changes made in the 2023 regulation according to which;

- Graduates or candidates have the right to request a photocopy of the test, 1 (one) day after the announcement of the preliminary results of all exams.

-And, after being equipped with the photocopy of the test, he has the right to submit the request. According to the regulation, the complaint about the grade in the matura exams is submitted to the State Matura School Commission on July 3, after the grades of all the exams have been released.

It remains to be seen if the high school students will follow the official path to complain about the result or go out in protest, as they comment on social networks. This Tuesday, they will test their knowledge in the math exam, the third in a row. The last exam that concludes the state matura is the Elective Subject, on June 24.


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