The jackal that shook Tirana today...

2024-02-24 14:29:41 / IDE NGA LUTFI DERVISHI

The jackal that shook Tirana today...
In the center of Tirana, the world-renowned capital for cafes, today, Saturday February 24, 2024, an unusual customer was seen making his morning rounds in the bar near the Opera and Ballet Theatre. (TOB)

It wasn't an influencer looking for the perfect social media pose, nor was it a tourist confused by Google Map's disorienting directions.

No, don't believe it if you want, but it was a four-legged jackal.

Was he attracted by the smell of freshly brewed coffee or the sign of free wifi near TOB?

Those present who were slurping their morning espresso in front of the four-legged creature experienced a cocktail of surprise, fear and excitement.

Surprised that they had never seen a jackal. Afraid that they were not sure if he had breakfast? Excitement that they took it as a sign that something important is happening or will happen.

What did the jackal want with cafes and towers?

Did he also want to try his own dose of coffee or did he approach TOB to audition for a role in "La Boheme"?

Beyond the joke and the irony that broke out like wildfire in the areas where the towers are then built, the presence of the jackal in the square, a once-in-a-lifetime event, raised some serious questions.

It is a known fact that jackals are chosen creatures known for their wild and adventurous spirit. But even adventure has its goals.

Why did the jackal come? Had he lost his way or is this a calculated move?

Was his presence a reminder of the ancient Albanian proverb "wolf, wolf, but the jackal wreaks havoc?"

Did he come right in the middle of the biggest economic, political and administrative center of the country of eagles to see if the promise of the orbital forest has been kept because the jackal has heard the macabre proverb "literally, the Albanian kills the boy"?

Is the jackal a victim of the words that "this place is a jungle where the law of the strongest operates"?

Another variant that is spreading with the speed of lightning that follows lightning is that the jackal has been informed that the majority deputies have changed the law on "Protected Areas", to pave the way for "ecological investments".

He has come to see with your eyes and to step on the new environment with all four paws. He wanted me to experience what it's like to live in the future.

How does the concrete jungle compare to Mother Nature's jungle?

And where else better than among the towers on which palaces have been built without permission, could he try the new environment where two- and four-legged animals will live happily.

Happening now...